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The NET(net) Newsletter: September 2020
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September 2020 - In This Issue:

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  • Cloud Benefits: Diminished or Eliminated Without Governance
  • Cloud Cost Optimization: Moving Mountains With Shovels
  • Microsoft Alert: Outages and SLAs
  • NET(net): Case Studies on Oracle, Workday, SAP, and Microsoft - In One Document
  • Client Quotes
  • C-Suite on the Move in September
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Cloud Benefits: Diminished or Eliminated Without Governance

By: Philippe Anav, NET(net)

In the ‘race to the cloud’, many organizations are not realizing the promised cost benefits of moving to their infrastructure to the cloud. In fact, many are finding that they are spending far more than they anticipated. While Organizations should save 15% or more by moving to the cloud infrastructure, a 2020 report shows that realizing these savings is not straightforward:

  • 80% of organizations will overshoot their cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) budgets, due to a lack of cost optimization approaches.
  • 45% of organizations that perform lift-and-shift to cloud Infrastructure, without optimization analysis, will overprovision up to 55% and will overspend up to 70% during the first 18 months.

While the adoption of cloud infrastructure offers undeniable scaling and agility benefits, a rigorous cost governance is required to keep spend under control. The world of traditional on-premises IT has become reasonably accurate at forecasting static operating costs, by running IT applications in a familiar way for a long time.

When adopting cloud, it is imperative to reevaluate how you think about cost management, particularly the dynamics of consumption-based services.

Click below to read the entire article, references, and related points around Cloud Governance and how to achieve it now:

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Cloud Optimization: Moving Mountains With Shovels

By: Dave Young, NET(net)

The front lines of the Cloud Cost Optimization battle are not going well for many. Sadly, the worst part of the story is, that most don’t even know it yet. As Cloud investments go deeper and broader throughout corporate computing environments, so too is the waste and damage to IT budgets.

I’ve been in IT long enough to witness hundreds of companies implement and manage thousands of different environments with hundreds of various suppliers. Suffice it to say, I’ve been around.

So, when I tell you that waste and overspend on Cloud are at frightening levels, you should pay attention when I share why, and what you might be able to do about it.

In this article l break out a few of the top barriers we see on the front lines as we help Cloud customers grasp the enormity of the issues and come to grips with how to solve them.

Please click 'read more' for entire article: 



Alert: Major Outage September 28th and What You Should Know

By: Scott Braden, NET(net)

Microsoft’s cloud services experienced a significant outage yesterday. 

There were reports that Microsoft’s efforts to repair the problem affected some customers for more than 6 hours.  We are not yet aware of any customer data that was lost.

Microsoft customers from all over the world reported significant issues with access to critical functions.  In the United States, several 911 Emergency reporting facilities from Atlanta, Georgia to Tucson, Arizona were down.  In addition to emergency services, virtual learning in colleges and public schools took a major hit as students, teachers, and administrators all over North America were forced to stop working.

Click 'read more' below to for the full alert and article, and how to potentially recoup funds via SLA commitments:  



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NET(net) Supplier Optimization Success: Case Studies on SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Workday

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been very busy in 2020 optimizing supplier agreements, investments and relationships all over the world.

We've created a short case study profile page of recent success working with Clients on SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Workday.

Click 'read more' below to get access to this content where we highlight specific areas of optimization, benefits and ROI based on our Savings Cloud programs.



What Our Clients Say:

"Was impressed with the teams knowledge. The renewal process was tricky for a variety of reasons but we ended up with a very positive outcome."


CxO Moves: September

  • Taren Rodabaugh joins Bridgestone Americas as Chief Information Officer (CIO), effective August 31.
  • PG&E Corporation announced the appointment of Ajay Waghray as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer.
  • Okta announced the appointment of Alvina Antar as Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer.
  • One Call announced the appointment of Mark Bilger as its Chief Information Officer.
  • Domino's Pizza announced the promotion of Senior Vice President – Chief Technology Officer Kelly Garcia to EVP.
  • Easy Jet named Kenton Jarvis as CFO.
  • Ryan Gellert will become CEO of Patagonia Works, the umbrella company for all its ventures.
  • Warner Media hires Richard Tom as CTO.

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