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The NET(net) Newsletter: September 2019
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Picture above: Desert south of Merrakesh, Morocco - Atlas Mountains in background.  Taken by NET(net) staff.

September 2019 - In This Issue:

  • Oracle's 12 Most Egregious Terms and Conditions Part 4: Matching Service Levels
  • Tjeerd Edelman, Financial Services Blog Series: Fund Digital Transformation by Unlocking Value from Current Spend and Existing Supply Base
  • Dave Young, Multicloud Strategies: 3 Part Blog Series and eBook
  • C-Suite on the move in September: CNA, Goldman Sachs, The Hartford and more
  • Article: Oracle Security Claims (made by Larry Ellison) Leave Reasons to be Skeptical 
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Oracle's 12 Most Egregious Terms and Conditions Part 4: Matching Service Levels

By: Steve Zolman, NET(net)

Why is it important?  It’s important because many of our clients have multiple operating environments in different business units, sometimes in different geographies or even countries, and sometimes these are unrelated businesses that just so happen to be owned by the same company.  In many cases, there is no relation between the needs of the operating environments, and therefore any policy to enforce equal treatment is unjustly onerous and costs our clients dearly. 

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By: Tjeerd Edelman, NET(net)

Digital transformation is an actively discussed topic these days, but this was also true in the late 1990s and again in the mid-2000s. In fact, computerizing processes started back in the late 17th century when Leibniz developed a base 2 numerical system only using 0 and 1. With the introduction of the World Wide Web 300 years later, the scope, scale, and speed of technology have fundamentally impacted the effects of digitalization.

First websites connected companies and their customers. Companies including Dell were quickly disrupting traditional PC manufacturers by selling direct to consumers and gaining valuable insights into buyers behavior as they navigated the website.  From there we never looked back.


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Multicloud Series Part I: Should You Consider a Multicloud Strategy?

By: Dave Young, NET(net)

Many enterprises adopt a multicloud strategy out of a desire to avoid Cloud supplier lock-in or to take advantage of innovative solutions with a certain Cloud provider.  There are many rationales for using multiple clouds, as they each have different strengths and weaknesses for performance and functionality, different pricing schemes, and some workloads simply run better on one cloud platform versus another.

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WIN(win) Developers Corner: September 2019

Some tremendous updates to the WIN(win) platform in our last round of development sprints!  

  • Collaboration features released within the Strategic Sourcing area for team members to collaborate directly
  • Business Development Manager upgrades to reporting dashboards
  • Supplier Portfolio Managers can now sort their suppliers by active/inactive agreements and sourcing project participation
  • Export of suppliers in Supplier Portfolio Management area
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What Our Clients Say

“Recently, when working to acquire licenses for a popular cloud-based application, we engaged NET(net) to help us ensure we were getting the best possible deal parameters for our needs. NET(net) was able to accurately predict the supplier’s behavior, objections, and concessions. After completing their process, we were able to achieve much more value from the supplier that we had initially anticipated, at a reduced cost. The ROI on NET(net)’s services was beyond my expectations. I would recommend engaging NET(net) to anyone interested in maximizing the value they receive from their IT suppliers.”
-CIO, La Quinta

CxO's On the Move in September

Oracle's Cloud Security Claims (made by Ellison), Met with Skepticism, Maria Korolov

Last week, Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison claimed that Oracle's new autonomous systems will eliminate all data breaches. Not everyone's buying it.

"Autonomous systems eliminate human labor," Ellison said in a keynote address. "And when you eliminate human labor, you eliminate pilot error." 

But if any cloud company was to become first to roll out a fully autonomous, self-configuring system, would it be Oracle?

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