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The NET(net) Newsletter: May 2020
goats in trees Morocco

Pictured above: Goats in Argan Trees, Cabras de Argán, Morocco. Taken by NET(net) Staff.

May 2020 - In This Issue:

Cloud Compute: Debunking Four Myths That Could Save You MillionsDebunking assumptions and myths around Cloud Compute costs with AWS and Azure. 

DaaS - Desktop as a Service: Thinking of going to a DAAS model or already have?  A few of the salient things to think about.
ICYMI -  Don't Look That Gift Horse in the Mouth (i.e. beware that supplier Olive Branch): In this challenging time, suppliers will be making offers that look great now, but are not necessarily in your long-term interest.

Oracle Takes Aim at AWS in New Cloud Price War Sparked by COVID-19: Oracle claims two AWS customers (8x8 and Zoom) by slashing costs up to 80% or more - in what could turn into a new industry-wide price war.

C-Suite on the Move in May:  Lloyd's of London, Saab, TraveCenters of America, Iron Mountain, and more...

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Cloud Compute Herd: Debunking Four Myths That Could Save You Millions

By: Dave Young, NET(net)

Like a migrating herd of Wildebeest across the Serengeti, companies around the globe continue its rush toward that shimmering lake of Cloud Compute that promises lowers costs, increased flexibility, and scalability (and more according to the brochures).  As with any panacea, the dream usually falls short of the reality.  Cloud compute for many has hit that ‘middle ground’ where actual benefits and unexpected problems meet.  As the body of problem evidence mounts for Cloud Compute, there are some clear myths that have arisen that need to be ‘debunked’. 

Only when these myths are fully understood can organizations minimize the risks and still attain full realization of the dream.

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Considering Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

By: Scott Braden, NET(net)

We’ve recently seen an uptick in interest and attention for the “Desktop as a Service” category.

Spoiler Alert - DaaS is just outsourcing and managed services, wrapped in a sparkly new layer of internet marketing speak.

If you’re continuing to run local desktop apps that require Windows, then the fundamental TCO won't change much.  In fact, your overall long-term costs per user may increase.  DaaS is merely shifting the costs and spreading them around in slightly different ways.  Click below to read entire article:



Oracle Takes Aim at AWS in New Cloud Price War Sparked by Covid-19

By: David Jeans, Forbes

When popular video conferencing company Zoom announced a new cloud contract last month, it wasn’t with its existing providers Amazon and Microsoft or even Google. Instead, Zoom turned to a tech behemoth largely forgotten in the race between the cloud’s big three: Oracle. 

Weeks later, Oracle claimed another cloud victory, announcing it had lured away another Amazon customer, communications platform 8x8.

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ICYMI: Look That Gift Horse in the Mouth (Beware the Supplier Olive Branch)

By: Steven Zolman, NET(net)

Things are moving fast in these challenging times as both individuals and companies struggle to keep up with changing demands and plan for an uncertain financial future.
In response, we are already starting to see many Clients (a) put most major technology spending projects on hold and (b) look closely at supplier contracts (almost none of which contemplate a reality such as the one we are facing today).
As a result of a confluence of these and other factors, we are seeing an unprecedented level of activity in renegotiating technology supplier contracts.
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What Our Clients Say:

    “Summit Materials was in a unique position from an IT perspective. As a company that had grown rapidly through acquisition, we had a number of well-established regional IT operations. However, we had no central hub through which all of those regions could connect and share information. As a construction materials company, IT is not our core competency, and we had little interest in standing up our own corporate data center. We retained NET(net) to help us explore the options for outsourcing our central IT functions, while maintaining the bulk of the autonomy of our local IT functions. Working with NET(net) we first quantified a make versus buy analysis. Once the cost savings from outsourcing were clear, we prepared a Request for Proposal and NET(net) helped us identify several vendors that could address our unique requirements. NET(net) worked alongside us throughout the vetting, vendor selection, and contract negotiation processes. Their input was enormously helpful as they were able to bring the selected vendor and proposed contract more in line with current market best practices. The NET(net) team was terrific to work with, and we certainly plan to do so again.” 
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CxOs On the Move in May

  • Rebecca Bunyan named Lloyd's of London CIO.
  • CLS Group appointed Thomas Barkhuff as CIO.
  • TravelCenters of America names Sandy Rapp CIO.
  • Iron Mountain names Kimberly Anstell as CTO.
  • Federal OMB names next Deputy Federal CIO, Maria Roat.
  • Merck appoints CFO Matthew Walsh and CIO Rachel Stahler.
  • Lumber Liquidators names CEO Charles Tyson.
  • Lacoste names Robert Aldrich CEO of North America.
  • Saab names new CFO, Nils-Johan Andersson.
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond names Gustavo Arnal as CFO.

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