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The NET(net) Newsletter: March 2020
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Pictured above: Owen Island off Little Cayman, Cayman Islands, West Indies. Taken by NET(net) Staff.

March 2020 - In This Issue:

23 Free Software Offers for Business During COVID-19 Response: 
We've compiled a list of twenty-three offers from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Google, IBM, Salesforce and more to help with managing urgent IT needs during the COVID-19 lock-downs.

Managing IT Spend in a Global Pandemic: Strained Capacity and Reflexive Spending:  We are seeing 'pounds of cure' to make up for a shortfall in infrastructure and application services.  There is rampant overspend and 'lock in' to cost structures that will stretch far beyond the end of COVID-19.

Four Tips to Save with Microsoft Now in COVID-19 Response: These are unprecedented times, but there are opportunities to save with Microsoft and issues to look out for in the short-term.

Kellsey Le, CEO: COVID-19 Update and Business Impact for Employees and Clients: Kellsey Le updates on NET(net)'s business impact and plans during the pandemic.

C-Suite on the Move in March:  Boeing, Western Digital, Heineken, Gap and more...

VMWare Pricing Calculator: Try our complimentary VMWare market pricing calculator.  Quickly find out if you are paying market price or a premium.
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Twenty-Three Free Software Offers for Business During COVID-19 Response:

By: Dexter Siglin, NET(net)

If you are like me, you have been receiving an avalanche of email notifications from every company you’ve ever done business with letting you know how they are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.  Did I really need to know how my auto mechanic is responding to the epidemic?  Probably not at the top of my list.  However, if you can get through the noise, there have been some legitimate offers to help companies support their teams and customers through the crisis. 

To read the entire article and see all 23 supplier offers, please click 'read more' below:

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Managing IT Spend in a Global Pandemic: Strained Capacity and Reflexive Buying

By: Dexter Siglin, NET(net)

There is a whole industry set up to help IT leaders face this business continuity challenge during the pandemic.  What many of those plans fell short in considering, however, was the breadth of disruption we are currently seeing; resulting in unprecedented levels of remote work. 

What is unfolding now in real time, is 'pounds of cure' for shortfall in the infrastructure and application resources.  Even if the requirements demand immediate action, the risk is that the organizations grossly overspend and lock in much higher cost structures longer term in the pursuit of supporting rapidly changing business requirements for the short-term.

If you would like to read the entire article, click 'Read More' below:


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Four Tips to Save with Microsoft Now During Covid Response

By: Scott Braden, NET(net)

Unprecedented times for business leaders now as the gears of industry and commerce are basically at a standstill.  Most companies have a complete freeze on spending and are contingency planning for things to get worse before they get better.  While sometimes there is ‘opportunity in chaos’ so, too, is the potential to make costly mistakes in our haste to facilitate immediate needs. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at Microsoft and some issues to consider as the economy heads for a downturn.

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NET(net) Coronavirus and Potential Business Impact for Employees and Clients

By: Kellsey Le, NET(net)

Due to the continuing outbreak of the Coronavirus worldwide, NET(net) wants to update you on the potential impact to our business.

First and foremost, the health and well-being of our employees - and yours - is a top concern and priority for us as an organization.  In this regard and consistent with recommendations issued by the CDC and WHO, we recognize that travel, particularly to areas that have experienced significant impact, should be curtailed. 

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What our Clients Say...

        “As a senior technology executive in a Fortune 500 environment, I worked with NET(net) to optimize my investments with key technology providers, resulting in millions in savings and benefits. NET(net) helped me develop highly optimized multi-year strategies to significantly improve value to my organization. I recommend the services of NET(net) to help any organization maximize the value of its technology investments.”
CTO, Capital One

CxOs On the Move in March

  • Boeing names Susan Doniz as CIO
  • Cloudflare names first CIO, Juan Rodriguez
  • TikTok announced Roland Cloutier will be CISO
  • JM Smucker names new COO, John Brase
  • Western Digital names David Goeckeler CEO
  • Heineken announces new Chief Supply Chain Officer, Magne Setnes, and first-ever Digital and Technology Officer, Ronald den Elzen
  • Gap names Sonia Syngal as new CEO
  • WeWork names Kimberly Ross as CFO
  • BNY Mellon names new CEO, Thomas Gibbons

VMWare Pricing Calculator

NET(net) has created a custom online calculator to help you understand what the market pricing is for VMWare.  Just complete a few fields of information, and the calculator will help you see the big picture with graphs and analyst commentary comparing your spend with others in the marketplace.

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