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The NET(net) Newsletter: July 2020
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Pictured above: Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland, Photo: NET(net) Staff

July 2020 - In This Issue:

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Back to School on SAP Licensing. SAP re-licensing past, present, and future that keeps costing you over and over (and over) again - but it may not have to.

Terminating Your IT Services Agreement. Need to know the top ways to terminate your IT services agreement?  Then you'll want to read this...

Cloud Market Alert: Online Vendor Pricing Tools. You may think those online cloud pricing tools are convenient.  And they are...for the vendors.

SAP Resource Kit.  SAP resources to educate, inform, and empower you to take action in optimizing your SAP estate.

C-Suite on the Move in July: Virgin Galactic, Nokia, Wells Fargo and more.

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Going Back to School on SAP

By: Mike Welsh, NET(net)

Unbelievably, it’s been four years since we published an article titled: Top Questions to Ask When Taking the Slow Road to SAP (S4) HANA.  And despite that passage of time, not much has really changed about SAP’s predictability.  We outlined six considerations to weigh before investing further in SAP’s vision of the future.  The intent of that article was to invoke questions that would cause SAP customers pause and consider both short- and long-term issues that may have been considered foregone conclusions related to S/4 HANA. 

There is a famous saying that every history teacher probably says a hundred times a year to students, “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.”  Today we write to remind SAP customers the history of SAP licensing and bring forewarning of financial calamities to come, if actions aren’t taken to protect you from a budget-draining SAP licensing future.  SAP has issued the deadlines and re-written the rules, once again, to serve their own financial self-interest over the needs of its customers.  Their recent behavior and backtracking under the heat of customer scrutiny only underscores the point.  Below we outline the past, present, and future of SAP’s migration plans, and why you should be more than wary.

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Top Five Ways to Terminate Your IT Services Contract

By: Steven Zolman, NET(net)

Preface: Due principally to COVID-19, NET(net) has been getting many requests from Clients for recommendations on how they can reduce or otherwise reshape their IT contracts; particularly their IT Services Agreements.

When it comes to contract wrangling in 2020, the soup du jour has been force majeure, but instead of a ‘silver bullet’ of sorts to get relief from contractual obligations in the age of a global pandemic, many of our Clients are learning that the force majeure Rosetta Stone may not be the panacea of bargaining table control they hoped it was.

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cloud market alert AWS

Cloud Market Alert: Vendor Pricing Tools and Calculators

By: Dave Young, NET(net)

Lately we have seen a rise in cloud customers reliance on widely available online tools that purport to help an enterprise calculate everything from pricing and usage workloads to TCO.  Some of the primary tools often cited are:  

  • Azure Pricing Calculator 
  • AWS Pricing Calculator 
  • AWS Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Oracle Cloud Workload Estimator 
  • Google Pricing Calculator  

We are here to confirm what your likely first instincts are when attempting to use these tools, which is they are wrong, a futile exercise, and probably biased,  given the hundreds of data points and variables in every cloud environment.  Click below to read entire article:



SAP Resources Kit

If SAP has you spinning in circles or at the very least questioning where the money is going, see below for some additional materials we have that might help.  As always, contact us to have an immediate conversation:

SAP Case Studies: Three different SAP cost savings scenarios, along with results achieved:  Link

Original Articles from Subject Matter Experts

SAP Client Testimonials: Read what clients have to say about our work with SAP here.

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Client Spotlight:

"Before we launched our proposed HCM project, it was important to understand the market dynamics first and ascertain a full accounting of what our total cost and risk exposure would be.  NET(net)’s Benchmark report was a great first step, as they were able to show us the market high and low for our anticipated solution, along with what we should expect our final investment to be.  All of this data was provided in a comprehensive and easy to understand report which helped inform our next steps.  In this case, we opted to fully engage NET(net)’s team of experts to help us negotiate and procure the required software and a third party to assist with the implementation.  Engaging NET(net) yielded a 5x ROI for our team, and the collaboration between our companies was excellent.  We are happy to engage with them on future projects and certainly recommend NET(net) for supplier optimization and negotiation services."
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CxO Moves: July

  • Wells Fargo recruits Bank NY Mellon CFO Mike Santomassimo for same position
  • Virgin Galactic hires Disney exec Michael Colglazier as CEO
  • Werner Enterprises names Daragh Mahon as EVP and CIO
  • WWE hires Kristina Salen formerly of Etsy, new CFO
  • Glenn Remoreras named CIO for Mark Anthony Group
  • Marco Wirén announced as new CFO at Nokia
  • Deanna Johnston joins Ansell as Senior Vice President and CIO
  • Tradeshift names Carrie Dolan as CFO
  • Amy Ronneberg was appointed CEO at Be The Match
  • Tenacore names Barbara Bitzer as CFO.
  • Syniverse appoints Andrew Davies as CFO

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