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The NET(net) Newsletter: January 2020
2020 jan newsletter

January 2020 - In This Issue:

  • Steven Zolman: Countdown of Oracle's 12 Most Egregious Terms and Conditions: Number 1 - Audit Clause
  • Steven Zolman: Kill All the AWS Zombies! 
  • Matt Ryan: Oracle 2020 Series: Audit Outlook
  • ICYMI: Financial Services Blog Series: If You Read It in the Newspaper, It's Too Late
  • C-Suite on the Move in January: BP, Renault, Discover, and more..
  • News: SAP Calls BS on Larry Ellison Claims
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Countdown of Oracle's Most Egregious Terms and Conditions - Number 1: Audit Clause

By: Steve Zolman, NET(net)

Oracle clients are well advised to include specific language governing Oracle audits.  Most important is the ability to purchase any compliance licenses as a result of an audit action at the contractual price hold discounts (#12 on our Oracle's Most Egregious list).

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Kill All the AWS Zombies!

By: Steve Zolman, NET(net)

Do you have AWS Zombies lurking in your environment?  If you are an AWS customer, probably you do.  AWS Zombies are likely roaming your cloud instances gaining power, destroying all they touch, and if you don’t kill them off soon, they may take over your bills altogether.

What are AWS Zombies? 

AWS Zombies are described as unused (and often hidden) assets that keep contributing to the ongoing costs of your AWS Cloud without producing any value.  Click below to read entire article:



Oracle 2020 Series: The State of Oracle Audits

By: Matt Ryan, NET(net)

As 2019 ended, many of you may have missed a significant development that came out of the U.S. District Court of Northern California.  On December 17th, the lawsuit brought by the Sunrise Firefighter’s Pension Fund against Oracle Corporation for misleading investors on their cloud business – was dismissed.  They have until February 2020 to make some changes and refile the case, but what the real take-away from this case is that we can expect ‘business as usual’ from Oracle on the audit front.

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ICYMI: Financial Services Series: If You Read it in the Newspaper, It's Too Late

By: Tjeerd Edelman, NET(net)

You may know the parable “The Blind Men and the Elephant,” and the moral behind it:

The moral of the parable is that humans tend to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience as they ignore other people's limited, subjective experiences which may be equally true. (Wikipedia)

Teams are not unlike the blind men – every member comes in with a different specialty and role and with it, a different perspective of what needs to be done in addition to how and what the result should be. 

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What Our Clients Say

          “NET(net) has been a valuable partner by providing expert consulting with our various IT suppliers and product families, specific to acquisition, licensing and ongoing costs. They have seasoned staff that understand the interrelation of major vendor portfolios, as well as deep knowledge of IT suppliers. NET(net) has helped Caesars level the playing field with our key IT suppliers.”  
Vice President, Caesars Entertainment

CxO's On the Move in January

  • Amir Arooni joins Discover as CIO
  • FDIC named Sylvia Burns as the new CIO
  • The state of Missouri (USA) has hired Jeffrey Wann as statewide CIO
  • Marshall Lancaster has been appointed as chief information officer for Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn, P&O Cruises Australia and Carnival Australia. 
  • Former HPE CIO, Archana Deskus named Intel's SVP and CIO
  • Villanova University has announced the appointment of Kelly P. Doney as CIO
  • Benedetto Conversano will take over as CIO at Diageo in May
  • Luca de Meo has been selected as the new chief executive officer and chairman for Renault
  • Jan Singer will become J. Crew's new CEO
  • Murray Auchincloss will become BP's new CFO

SAP Calls BS on Larry Ellison Claim 

By: Bob Evans, Cloud Wars

Rejecting Larry Ellison’s recent claim that he’s convinced one of SAP’s largest customers to dump SAP and move to Oracle’s Cloud ERP, SAP co-CEO Christian Klein denied any such defection and said his ERP share is in fact expanding.

What makes this particular case of dueling realities so intriguing is that Ellison spent a significant amount of time during Oracle’s earnings call last month describing this impending customer-cut over and the disastrous impact it would have on SAP.

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