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The NET(net) Newsletter: January 2019

Picture above: Salto Chico Hotel and the Torres del Paine Mountain Range, Patagonia.

January 2019:

Digital Transformation for Financial Services: 'Winter is Coming'.

Oracle: So, you think you know SIA?  Think again.

Forbes: Top 10 Strategic CIO Priorities for 2019

Thrive Ultimatum 2019: Thrive Ultimatum - The Digital You Must Do

Looking Ahead: Fiscal Year end is March 31st for the below companies, so now is the time to plan ahead as they rev up renewals and try to lock in clients: Sprint, Vodafone, BT, CSC, Infosys, Tata and Wipro.


Digital Transformation: Nothing to Lose, But a Fortune to Gain.

In 1847, a young doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis was working in a maternity ward where he had discovered that a regime of hand washing could dramatically lower the incidence of childbed fever. Unfortunately, the medical establishment rejected his ideas and the ‘germ theory of disease’ didn't take hold until decades later. The phenomenon is now known as the “Semmelweis reflex”, which is the tendency for people to reject new knowledge that contradicts established beliefs.

For Financial Services, “Winter is coming” in terms of Digital Disruption by way of FinTech companies invading their space and contradicting established beliefs. Make sure you are positioned ahead of the competition.

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Oracle SIA?

I’m sure your organization is used to fifty calls per week from Oracle.  You likely have thirty sales reps calling everyone from custodial services to the Chief Executive Officer to gain more information from you:

  • What’s your IT roadmap?
  • Do you know about our cloud?
  • What is your cloud migration strategy?
  • What is your budget? Can we have more of it?

From the cold callers to the executives, Oracle sales are trained in tactics to acquire as much information about your organization as possible. 

Their endgame is simple: force you into a sale (probably cloud) or catch you out of compliance.  And of course, your being out of compliance equals leverage for the Oracle sales organization.  Click below to read entire article:


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Thrive Ultimatum: The Digital You Must Do

 2019 will present the 'C-Suite' with a Digital Transformation ultimatum.  Digital initiatives can no longer be ‘shelved’ or viewed as a future innovation that are delayed by a myriad of excuses. Organizations operating this way are often in survival mode, feeling encumbered by forces outside their control.  But survival is no longer enough as consumers, businesses, and shareholders demand that organizations move past survival mode, to thrive mode and cross the chasm of digital change and disruption now. 


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Forbes: Top 10 Strategic CIO Priorities for 2019

CIOs head into 2019 amid a relatively strong, though volatile, global economy. This volatility will only further unsettle their often-precarious position of having to take on new digital projects and innovate at an accelerating pace while also having to lock down costs. It all makes for a “schizophrenic” state of affairs, notes one CIO.



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