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The NET(net) Newsletter: April 2020
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Pictured above: Sunset, Georgetown, Cayman Islands. Taken by NET(net) Staff.

April 2020 - In This Issue:

Java: Like Being Free, But Oracle Instead:  Remember when Java was free?  In case you missed it, Oracle has created a robust revenue stream with Java and just like all things Oracle - they will go to great lengths to ensure compliance (i.e. audits threats).
Look that Gift Horse in the Mouth: As vendor contracts are renegotiated to support new requirements and reflect current realities, avoidable and costly mistakes are being made.  Don't be one of the companies that sells its future for short-term relief.
HCM Customers: Three Warning Signs from Providers When Adding on Products:  Here are three things we advise you guard against should your HCM provider bring to you as ideas.

COVID-19 Supplier Resource Rundown: Our collection of relevant supplier management content and articles (see links below):

  • Free Software Offers for Business During COVID-19 response
  • Managing IT Spend in a Global Pandemic
  • Four Tips to Save with Microsoft During the Pandemic

NET(net) NPS - Net Promoter Score: Updated to include Q1 2020

C-Suite on the Move in April:  Oracle, eBay, Toyota, AT&T and more.

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Java: Like Being Free, But Oracle Instead

By: Matt Ryan, NET(net)

With Oracle's acquisition of Sun (and by extension Java) in 2010, we should have known that it would only be a matter of time before a free platform was turned into a revenue stream.  Over time, Oracle methodically added and modified the Java road map to lead us where we are now – the once noble and free Java SE is now lumped together with all the other Named User Plus and Processor licenses.

To read the entire article please click 'read more' below:

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Look That Gift Horse in the Mouth

By: Steven Zolman, NET(net)

Things are moving fast in these challenging times as both individuals and companies struggle to keep up with changing demands and plan for an uncertain financial future.

In response, we are already starting to see many clients (a) put most major technology spending projects on hold and (b) look closely at supplier contracts (almost none of which contemplate a reality such as the one we are facing today).  As a result of a confluence of these and other factors, we are seeing an unprecedented level of activity in renegotiating technology supplier contracts.

Click below to read examples of what we are seeing and what we are advising our Clients in these situations.


HCM Software Warnings

HCM Customers: Three Warning Signs to Look Out for When Adding on Products

By: Andrea Alterman, NET(net)

Unprecedented times for business leaders now as the gears of industry and commerce are basically at a standstill.  Most companies have a complete freeze on spending and are contingency planning for things to get worse before they get better.  While sometimes there is ‘opportunity in chaos’ so, too, is the potential to make costly mistakes in our haste to facilitate immediate needs. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at Microsoft and some issues to consider as the economy heads for a downturn.

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NET(net)'s COVID-19 Supplier Management Resource Content

By: Dexter Siglin, NET(net)

During the this COVID-19 pandemic, NET(net) has been advising its clients with very specific actions to take with each of their strategic suppliers.  
By extension, we have shared some of that high-level knowledge with the public in the form of articles and related content.  
Below is a rundown of links to some of the latest articles surrounding supplier and vendor management that give some direction on 'what to do' vs 'what no to do'.

NET(net)'s Net Promoter Score

      We are proud to carry an exceptional NPS (Net Promoter Score) through Q1 2020, exceeding companies like Apple, Starbucks, and many more.  Thank you to all our Clients, partners, and employees who make it possible!
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CxOs On the Move in April

  • Canon U.S.A. Inc. announces the appointment of Kazuto Ogawa as President and CEO
  • AT&T's John Stankey to assume CEO role in July 2020
  • e-Bay hires former Walmart executive Jamie Iannone as new CEO
  • Toyota North America names Holly Walters CIO
  • Domo names new CIO, Joy Driscoll
  • Toshiba names Larry White as new COO
  • Oracle hires new CMO from AWS, Ariel Kelman

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