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The NET(net) Newsletter: April 2019
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Picture above: Vik i Myrdal Church, Vik Iceland.  Taken by NET(net) employee during NET(net)'s 15 year anniversary trip.

April 2019: Original Articles and Headlines

  • Oracle Series - 12 Most Egregious Terms and Conditions 
    • In a series of NET(net) original articles, we count down Oracle's most egregious terms and conditions, giving insight on what you can and should do about them. Scroll down to read the latest and stay tuned for the remaining 10:
      • #11 : Maintenance Freeze
      • #12 : Future Price Holds
    • To get on our list for an early drop of our E-Book detailing all 12, contact us.
  • Financial Services Blog Series: A Journey to World Class IT Outsourcing – As the rate of change increases so does the business complexity.
  • VMware Pricing Benchmark Tool - Use our online tool to quickly assess how your pricing compares to the market and shows your savings potential.
  • ALERT:  Oracle fiscal year end is May 31!  Contact us before you sign any renewals or new license purchases!  Our analysts have an average of 30 years-experience with Oracle agreements, audits and licensing.  Talking to us will cost you nothing.  Not talking to us could literally cost you millions.
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Oracle's Most Egregious Terms and Conditions #11: Maintenance Freeze

What is a maintenance freeze?  It’s a provision in the contract to ensure that Oracle doesn’t increase the annual maintenance service and support costs year-over-year and on a compounding basis.

Why is it needed?  Across our experiences, Oracle often charges a 9% annual increase, which compounds year-over-year and fundamentally Diminishes the Inclusive Value of the annual maintenance & support services Equation: the DIVE phenomenon.  

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Oracle's Most Egregious Terms and Conditions: #12 Future Price Holds

We encourage all clients to seek future price protections from Oracle in the form of Price Holds, assuming they are at, or close to, the market optimized and/or original anchor deal discount levels. 

  • What is a Price Hold? It’s a provision in your contractual agreement with Oracle that protects your future purchases so that you will be able to make them at a previously agreed upon discount rate.
  • Why is it needed? Many of the originating anchor transactions with Oracle are sizable and often competitive, and therefore generally offer larger than normal discounts.

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Financial Services Blog Series: A Journey to World Class IT Outsourcing – As the Rate of Change Increases so does the Business Complexity

William Edwards Deming (1900-1993) is widely acknowledged as the leading thinker in the field of quality. He was a statistician and business consultant who is well known for his “14 Points for Management”. He used to say that ‘management is prediction,’ by which he meant that every decision is also a prediction about the future.

The rate of change continues to increase, and as it does the business environment becomes ever more complex. Amidst this complex and uncertain environment, business still has to accomplish something – by getting work done. And getting work done is increasingly outsourced to third parties. In 2017, the global traditional outsourcing industry generated $88.9B in revenue. The total contract value of the information technology outsourcing (ITO) market amounted to $64.3B.

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WIN(win) Developers Corner: April Updates

Great updates continue on the WIN(win) platform from our dedicated team in Grand Cayman.  When they are not hitting the beaches and going on great reef dives, they are churning out great updates for our users!

Some of the latest features and updates include: 

New 'Get Started' tab that guides users on our WIN(win) best practices around NET(net) Find, Get, and Keep Value Services:

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Updated home page with our IT social media news feed:

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New VMware pricing calculator to benchmark spend.  Read more on VMware calculator at the bottom of newsletter.

Check out the latest updates on our development sprint release notes by clicking read more below.


VMware Pricing Benchmark Tool

NET(net) has released its latest pricing benchmark tool for VMware.  By answering just a few short questions about your current and future deployments, our tool will compare spend and discounts across our FMI (Federated Market Intelligence) database and give you a clear picture of current spend versus the market and NET(net) Clients.  Most importantly, our report will show what your opportunity for improvement is.  
VMWare Calculator
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