Top 5 Suppliers to Take Action With Now, 2016 Salesforce Price Increase, and Infrastructure Spotlight: Clarity in the Cloud?
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Top 5 Suppliers to Take Action With Now for Significant Value and Savings!

There are 5 critical areas to look at NOW for real value opportunities for 2016 and beyond.  Timing as they say, is everything and nowhere is this more evident than in the strategic technology supplier arena. When most of your budget is consumed by less than 10 suppliers, knowing everything there is to know about them is critical.  Most of our clients don’t have time to be experts on every one of them, but that’s ok…that’s why we’re here...  


Infrastructure: The Market is Disrupting..  Know Your Opportunities and Risks
Within our client audience, we are witnessing a tectonic shift to faster, lighter and easier to manage platforms that deliver a higher level of performance, a simplified operational interface, a much less costly resource model, and significantly lower costs.  We’ll walk you through the advantages of the infrastructure cloud, as well as the challenges.
Market Alert: 'Lightening' Pricing Change - Don't Get Zapped! recently announced a major change in its Sales Cloud subscription programs that required customers to act for lock in with the old pricing model or automatically move to the their new plan, and there are some potentially major implications.  Read our latest article on this, and or contact us for more information.

Rowan Start
Chief Information Officer, IXOM
“Getting a deal with SAP where you believe that you’ve maximised the value of the deal is never an easy task. There’s a lot of moving parts, and you don’t always realise the implications of what you are agreeing until it’s too late (and after the deal is done)...with NET(net) you get everything on the table and tackle it when it’s there to be done. I would encourage anyone that’s got a big deal coming down the pipe, or who’s looking to revamp the status quo… to speak with NET(net) and get them in play. There’s nothing to lose and you just might be surprised with what there is to gain."
In The News: CIO Reflects on "Trauma" of Oracle Relicensing Deal
What we have been warning clients about for years is now common knowledge: Oracle licensing audits are ruthless. In this article from V3, Specsavers Global CIO recounts the horror story of relicensing with Oracle. Click "Read More" for the full story.
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Spotlight on the Subject Matter Expert

As Technical Account Manager, Barbara Yeung ensures complete client satisfaction with NET(net)'s Managed Services engagements in the EMEA and UK regions. 

Barabara brings over 20 years of experience to the firm, with a background in finance, procurement, supplier management, and more from large complex organizations. She is the client-centric professional you need on your side as you navigate the supplier landscape. Click the Read More link to learn more about Barbara...

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