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Learn how you can Benchmark Oracle using NET(net)'s newly launched, FMI on Demand™

Author: Steven Zolman.  Introducing NET(net)’s Federated Market Intelligence (FMI) – On Demand, a new way for clients to get the information they need to quickly quantify misalignment with market value and effectively evaluate actionable next steps. This month, we invite you to benchmark your Oracle deal to NET(net)’s FMI to determine how well your costs align with market value. In addition to a pricing benchmark on your commercial arrangement, you’ll also receive recommendations on to strengthen your contractual agreement, and improve the strategic value of your relationship.


Premium Content: Oracle Indentured Servitude
Author: NET(net).  Oracle‘s sustained dominance has less to do with innovation and customer satisfaction than contractual policies that lock customers into paying exorbitant fees. A system of tyranny and mysticism makes understanding these costs, let alone reducing them, next to impossible. Click the Read More link to access this one of a kind white paper. 
Infrastructure's New World Order

Author: Dave Young.  Within our client audience, we are witnessing a tectonic shift to faster, lighter and easier to manage platforms that deliver a higher level of performance, a simplified operational interface, a much less costly resource model, and significantly lower costs.  We’ll walk you through the advantages of the infrastructure cloud, as well as the challenges.

Rick Thompson
Former CIO, Harris Broadcast
“The relationship that NET(net) has with one of our private equity investors gave us the confidence to challenge an Enterprise Software Provider. We executed a detailed analysis and structured optimization of what and how licenses should (and should not) be transferred from our former parent and the justified case for what needed to be acquired rather than taking the process recommended by the supplier."
In The News: Can Oracle Customers Play Hardball and Win?
As we've been saying for years, Oracle in our opinion, uses audits to drive new business and force the hand of its customers. But what can you do about it is the key - and you can do more than you think.  Click the read more for a take from Forbes...
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Spotlight on the Subject Matter Expert

As General Manager Americas, Bob Geib manages and oversees both the NET(net) Client Services and Value Teams.  Having spent several years in software sales and marketing, Bob brings his insider knowledge to work for NET(net)'s clients.  To read more about Bob, please click 'Read More' below...

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