Spotlight on Oracle: Top ways to defend yourself from an audit and how you fall prey to unfair terms and outrageous pricing,
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The Oracle Audit Money Tree is Shaking..are you at risk?

The money tree is shaking.  There was a time when audits were merely punitive innature, a tool to be wielded to bring a customer to heel who may or may not be in compliance with hundreds of terms, conditions, and clauses they’ve signed up for over the course of years in some cases.  But that was then, and this is now.  Audits are now the norm as traditional on premise software providers like Oracle attempt to bridge the revenue gap in their leap to the cloud.


Major WIN(win) Version 3.0 Platform Upgrade for Strategic Sourcing
WIN(win), the Technology Enabled Strategic Supplier Management and Sourcing platform developed by NET(net), has released version 3.0, with enhanced capabilities around Supplier research and RFx Management. For over 14 years, NET(net) has been gathering intelligence on suppliers from a multitude of technology 'markets', and can now extend this to your supplier research project.  Contact us today and visit the web page below to learn more or get a frist hand demo on how to take advantage of NET(net)'s vast Federated Market Intelligence on your next project!
March White Paper: Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself from an Oracle Audit
Received a letter from Oracle with notice of an audit? ...Who hasn't? Advice on how to avoid or how to handle Oracle audits are a common question from clients. In this white paper, we offer the top 10 ways to hold your ground.   PREMIUM CONTENT
Anthony Vaden
Former Chief Information Officer, American Tire Distributors
"NET(net)’s creativeness allowed us to quickly understand the many options that were available to us, including many that the IT supplier did not offer. The information NET(net) provided gave us the confidence we needed to challenge our supplier in a way we had not been able to previously. NET(net)’s optimization methodology and negotiations techniques helped us achieve 3x more savings than we would have been able to on our own, and accomplished it in just weeks, not months. I would recommend NET(net) to anyone who is interested in getting to your IT suppliers absolute best offer."
NET(net) Microsoft Case Study: Saving $18M

NET(net) completed a successful engagement for a global client that has over 70,000 employees and operations in 17 countries. With NET(net)’s guidance and expertise, the client was able to save $18M+ over 3 years on a global subscription EA renewal.  Click the read more link to see how...

Are you prepared for a software license review?
Facing or think you might be facing an audit? NET(net) has the experience you need to mitigate exposure and even turn the tables to your advantage. See how Audit Armor Defense from NET(net) gives you the upper the link below to learn more..
Spotlight on the Subject Matter Expert

As Senior Vice President in NET(net) Inc.’s Value Delivery group, Tim Harper is the guiding hand in NET(net) client engagements. Tim ensures that NET(net) resources are properly deployed to provide maximum value, and most importantly, that the client's unique needs are met. 

Tim brings more than 29 years' experience in consulting and information technology to the table at NET(net). His passion for excellence and client service makes him a perfect fit for the NET(net) team!  Click the Read More link to learn more about Tim...

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