In this issue: Insider View - Supplier Negotiations - Part I, Video: Getting Value in IT Investments, and more.
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The 'Art' of Successful Supplier Negotiations - Part I

"Every battle is won before it's ever fought."

           - Sun Tzu

Most of us know this quote from Sun Tzu's seminal work, "The Art ofWar", but is it true that EVERY battle is won or lost before it's ever fought?

Well, in context, Sun Tzu was speaking of the great set-piece battles fought at the time, where huge armies would line up and then be sent into the fray to fight.  The battle would go to whoever had prepared best, who brought the best supplies, who had the best planning, who garnered the best intelligence, who held the advantage in control of the ground, and whose warriors had the best training.


In the News: How Twitter Could Change Under the Umbrellas of Disney, Salesforce, or Google (Fortune)

With speculation mounting that Twitter will soon have a new corporate owner, the 10-year-old social networking service – which has long struggled to define its core purpose – may end up heading in one of several distinctly different directions depending on who ends up paying for it.

September 2016 Whitepaper: An Inside Look at Salesforce 
With all the activity in the CRM Marketplace, the timing is perfect to review your Salesforce estate.  In this updated Whitepaper, we give you the latest in market trends, but more importantly, give you the insights needed to make better - more informed decisions as Q4 looms.  Most Salesforce agreements end in January 2017, so the time is now to look at your renewal or replacement options.
    Video: 'Getting Value in IT Investments' by Steven Zolman
Founder and Chief Services Architect
Video Spotlight: How do you 'get' value in your IT investments?  In this short video, Steven Zolman explains how.  Click on the picture to play video.
Salesforce Pricing Benchmark Tool

NET(net) has constructed a Salesforce Benchmark tool enabling you to see what you 'should' be paying based on NET(net)'s current market intelligence.  Click below to learn more and get started immediately...

WIN(win) Launches Express SSM

WIN(win) has launched new Strategic Supplier Management features that make managing critical elements of agreements a breeze.  With just a few clicks, you can now set up KPIs, SLAs, and Watchlist items on your most important agreements in just minutes - and view, edit, and manage them all on one screen across your entire portfolio.  Just one Watchlist item can save you thousands - just think what a few could do across the most expensive part of your budget?  To arrange a short Demo of WIN(win)'s Express SSM, click the Read More below and complete a short form, and we'll get right back to you!

NET(net) in the Community
'Walking the Walk' is something we at NET(net) do on a daily basis in being relentless advocates for our clients.  NET(net) works by a code of business ethics we call RITE-IQ (Respect, Innovation, Teamwork, Ethics, Involvement, and Quality). Involvment starts in the community for us  - as last month we profiled Andrea Alterman taking on the Chicago Marathon for charity in October.  In September, Dexter Siglin, VP of Marketing, Co-chaired the Hopkinton (Massachusetts) Tennis Tournament, raising money to give back to various local programs. NET(net) was a proud sponsor and more importantly, happy to see another employee 'Walking the walk' outside the office walls!
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