In this issue: An Open Letter to CFOs - The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem, Video: Why Some Companies Pay More for IT, and more.
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An Open Letter to CFOs: The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

We've been lucky enough to work with some of the smartest people in the most respected comanies around the world.  And there is one compelling issue that virtually all  these organizations have in common; they collectively overspend by Billions on technology.  That’s right – Billions with a B.  On an individual company level, most are only losing Millions in sub optimized supplier agreements, investments, and relationships.  Yet, it’s a universal trait even in the greatest organizations on earth.  How is it possible you may ask, that so many great companies continue to waste incredible amounts of money and resources?  


Changes to Microsoft Licensing Rules

Microsoft has recently announced upcoming changes to several key licensing rules and offerings for a variety of desktop, server, and virtualization products that, taken together, may significantly alter many of NET(net)’s past recommendations regarding the cost optimization as it relates to the usage of these products and features.  Get up to date - read more by clicking below, or contact us immediately to chat with a Subject Matter Expert.

In the News: Workday's Latest Earnings Are More Proof Oracle and SAP Should Be Worried

Twelve years after cloud CRM software leader went public, the biggest enterprise cloud software pure-plays are still delivering strong growth.

Workday's latest results and guidance provide fresh evidence of this, and also show why enterprise software giants Oracle and SAP have felt the need to trash talk the company and other upstarts so often.  Read entire artcile from 'The Street' by clicking below:

    Video: 'The Importanceof IT Market Knowledge' by Steven Zolman
Founder and Chief Services Architect
Video Spotlight: Why do some pay more for Information Technology?  In this 2 minute video, Steven Zolman explains why.  Click on the picture to play video.
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In Case You Missed It: SAP's Road to Hana

It's no coincidence we used Hohenzollern Castle in Germany as our cover photo this month.  It sits just over 2 hours (maybe less depending on what you're driving on the A5) from SAP's Headquarters in Walldorf.  

There are tremendous changes SAP customers need to be aware of as they, along with SAP, make the leap to Hana.  The implications are far reaching, and may greatly limit options down the road.  Read our SME article to learn more on what you should know:

Spotlight on the SME: Andrea Alterman
Andrea has been advising and optmizing on technology investments for over 30 years, and many of those with NET(net).  She has been with renown firms such as Andersen Consulting, TSC, and CSC.  Andrea's passions go beyond client advocacy, as she set a goal of running a half marathon last year, and has now run two of them! Next up - the Chicago Marathon this October, running for another passion, Melanoma Cancer research. If you'd like to support Andrea and Jack's Fund for Melanoma Research, CLICK HERE and wish her luck!
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