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The 'Art' of Successful Supplier Negotiations - Part II

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

           - Mike Tyson

It really has meaning in any area of life, whether the blow comes from the death of a loved one, a health issue, losing your job, making a bad investment, a traffic jam, whatever..there are plenty of examples.
It's how you react to that adversity that defines you, not the adversity itself.  Similar to Sun Tsu's claims, success in a supplier negotiation is often achieved BEFORE the negotiation ever starts.  Click the 'Read more' button below to read full article on being prepared from beginning to end, and knowing how to react when adversity strikes!


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'Technology Levels the Vendor Playing Field' CSO Online, Author: Nathan Wenzler

Gone are the days when the largest vendor in their space was the "right" choice when procuring software.  The modern age of technology has opened up a world of options for orginizations to choose from. 

Read more on how technology disruptors are leveling the playing field from the huge, traditional vendors, and why you should pay attention...

In Case You Missed It: Salesforce Research Updated for 2016/2017.
As we have been stating for several weeks, now is the perfect time to optimize and benchmark your Salesforce spend.  Almost all Salesforce agreements are due in January, so now is the time to assess and plan ahead to ensure you are getting the very best possible pricing!  
Case Studies 
Oracle Case Studies:  Read about our process and the success we've had reducing Oracle spend by 20% to 60%!  Click the picture to download our PDF instantly...
NET(net) Welcomes Denis Silveira to team EMEA!

NET(net) is happy to announce that Denis Silveira has joined our EMEA team based in London as an Engagement Services Manager.  In this role Denis interacts directly with clients to ensure our service delivery is second to none.  Denis has extensive project management experience, along with two MBAs!  An added benefit to having Denis on board is his fluency in multiple langugages.  Please join us in welcoming Denis!

Explore NET(net)'s Online Agreement and Supplier Management Tool

NET(net) is the world's first TEBPaaS..and yes, that's a lot of letters!  It stands for Technology Enabled Business Process as a Service.  We've taken our 14 years of Strategic Supplier Management, and provided a self directed tool with built in best practices and supplier 'know how' to allow almost anyone to be an expert!  Click below to review our online demos to see more and learn how NET(net) can facilitate your SSM and Technology Procurement Process.

NET(net): Spotlight on Sao Paulo, Brazil

You may already know Sao Paulo is South America's largest city, but did you know:

NET(net) has an office there led by Luis Spadotto?  Click Read More to learn more about Luis and our South America clientele.

Sao Paulo has a metro population of 18 million. Fourth largest in the world!

Has the 3rd largest concentration of skyscrapers in the world.

Traffic is so heavy, they have the highest concentration of helicopters in the world.

It has the highest GDP in Brazil and all of South America.
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