Seven Major Strategies You Can Use Now

Extract Value and Optimize Agreements for Year-End

As we've been saying for months, Market Conditions are ripe for you to take action in driving business value into your business.  If you've ever dreamed of being the budget hero - this is it. With the tumult in the supplier marketplace around M&As, shifts of products to the cloud, small company disruption, and flat out hemmoraging revenue - suppliers are eager to have a dance partner.  


Once you digest the list and want more, we're happy to talk.  There's nothing  we like better than chatting about how to get more value from technology suppliers - especially now.  Just drop us a line by filling out the form to the right.  Until then, read on....


Big Software:



Nearly 100% of SAP deals come due in December, which is an ideal time to look at renewals, new purchases, and possible upgrades.  Not only that, but there is a confluence of market events happening right now with SAP that makes Q4 2015 one of the best times in recent history to (re)negotiate SAP Deals.  Among the opportunities, SAP is currently promoting its next generation Business Suite 4 (S/4) platform, which only runs on Hana (S/4Hana) and there are little known ways to structure these deals to help clients save a ton of money; SAP certainly won’t be educating their own clients on how to figure out how to pay them considerably less overall, but we will!



One out of ten Microsoft deals are organically coming due this December, but with new market incentives from Google and others, every single one of our clients should assess their Microsoft agreement now.  Then with our help, determine what kinds of opportunities might be available to them, then plan to take action to capture value by either renegotiating with Microsoft and/or taking the first steps towards a more competitive and client-centric landscape in the areas that Microsoft cares about most.



November and December are huge months for Oracle (their 2nd and 4th largest months of the year respectively), and we all know how Oracle makes our clients see Red.  In addition to a lot of purchasing and renewal activity, in order to drive additional licensing revenue and/or a migration towards cloud services, Oracle has gone AUDIT CRAZY – threatening its customers with huge exposures of financial liabilities.  We have written extensively on how clients can protect themselves from an Oracle Audit, but we can also help any client in any situation with Oracle, and it’s a big issue right now.


Audit Defense Armor

With all the big software suppliers looking for additional licensing revenue, we’ve never seen more audit actions, and we’ve never before seen the level of vitriol between clients and suppliers resulting from these audits. Therefore, new to the market, we created Audit Defense Armor to help protect our clients against the pending onslaught of extreme supplier audits, harvesting previously unimaginable amounts of latent risk.  Clients should consider Audit Defense Armor on the most volatile suppliers in their portfolio, including the ones detailed in our Top 10 list.


Infrastructure Spending:


Dell-EMC (and also HP, IBM, & Cisco)

The Dell-EMC Merger may be dead on arrival, but it has changed the landscape of traditional infrastructure and created heightened opportunities for cost savings on infrastructure spending with HP, IBM, EMC, Dell, Cisco and others!  As you know, 70% of capital spending happens in Q4, so most of our clients are currently evaluating new networking, server, and storage purchases, or are considering major upgrades in these areas.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Nearly all of our clients considering infrastructure spending in Q4 could benefit greatly from considering IaaS solutions like Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services, and Rackspace among others.  Business use cases for IaaS have expanded exponentially in 2015, and clients are moving in droves due to the significant cost savings, among other reasons.  This is a market trend we need to lead.


Software-as-a-Service:’s fiscal year end is January – which makes NOW  the best time to review and optimize that spend.  We have the best pricing benchmarks in the world, and we have a fabulous detailed optimization assessment, which has discovered 242 dangerous contract flaws in the standard SFDC contract that need correction.  In our history, we have not found a single instance of a client getting complete market optimized treatment either commercially or contractually.  In addition, agreements are among the most in need when it comes to ongoing strategic supplier performance management.  Not only do clients outsource their entire value chain when doing a deal with, they also become subject to 35 contractual SLAs, and need to consider 37 internal business KPIs to ensure they are getting the right level of value from these investments – that’s 314 Ways a Agreement Can Go Wrong!  Put simply, there is no client currently doing or considering doing business with that doesn’t need our help with the commercial arrangement, the contractual agreement, and the management of the supplier performance.


About NET(net)

NET(net) is a global disruptive industry force for good and has the experience you want, the expertise you need, and delivers the performance you demand to help you save money and improve value.  NET(net) is the world’s only fully technology-enabled consultancy exclusively specializing in full service optimization of the professional technology supply chain, bringing clients and suppliers together to create winning markets and winning relationships. 


We help clients:


  • Research Markets to learn about new disruptive technologies and peer vetted supplier solutions that offer higher value and lower cost alternatives compared with traditional IT solutions in place in most enterprises around the world.
  • Find Value in their professional technology supply chains through strategic sourcing efforts designed to align client need to supplier capability while leveraging our objective, evidenced based and auditable process to deliver optimized supplier proposals.
  • Get Value in a custom marketplace created through bespoke supplier negotiation and optimization assistance, leveraging our federated market intelligence, resulting in optimized solutions, strengthened contractual agreements, and improved commercial arrangements.
  • Keep Value in their organization through the application of industry best practices powered by innovative technologies, resulting in proactive strategic supplier performance management, creating more long term sustainable value in the agreement, the investment and the relationship.

With thousands of clients around the world in nearly all industries and geographies, and with the experience of tens of thousands of field engagements under our belts, we have helped our clients capture hundreds of billions of dollars of incremental value.  Contact your NET(net) representative, email us at, visit us online at, or call us at +1-866-2-NET-net today to see if we can help you capture more value.