Savings Cloud

Basic Level Optimization and Reporting Services

NET(net)'s Savings Cloud Services provides market data on your agreements to ensure you are getting the optimized benchmark pricing and value.

 Why NET(net)?

NET(net) utilizes its 20+ years of Federated Market Intelligence, 25k field engagements, and $250B in achieved value 

to benchmark pricing and Find Value.  While others use surveys and year old purchase history, we use our real time market data.  Additionally, our Subject Matter Experts have an average of 25 years worth of negotiation experience each. See what our Clients say.

 What do I get with a Savings Cloud Basic Optimization Service?

Analyst Pre Report Call  |  Analyst Post Report Call  |  Pricing and Terms Analysis Report: Online and PDF  |  Post Report Negotiation Services


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How Do I Get Started?

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