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Optimizing IT Spend in Banks to Improve Efficiency Ratio and Fund Innovation

By Tjeerd Edelman

It was just a few years ago when a leading global consulting firm noted in their financial services outlook, that the “industry would switch gears from defensive compliance remediation to a proactive search for revenue growth and further cost reduction.” As topline growth stayed modest over the years, banks focused mostly on operational efficiencies to drive financial performance improvements. As an example, they looked for scale efficiencies through rationalizing their branch networks with only mixed results.  Banks are very complex organizations, but as IT and Finance collaborate more to redefine their role and value, optimizing IT cost as a driver to improve the bank’s Efficiency Ratio will become a way to break down institutional barriers to success.

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The Motley Fool: Can Oracle Compete in the Cloud Wars?  

By Billy Duberstein:

The database leader just announced it's serious about cloud infrastructure.  But this large investment will probably take years to yield a payoff.  The cloud computing revolution is completely transforming the world of IT. According to research and advisory company Gartner, cloud spending was estimated to total around $260 billion in 2017, and expand quickly to $411 billion by 2020, as companies are really only at the beginning of the shift from private data centers to public and hybrid clouds.

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NET(net) Video Series: Keeping Value in Your IT Investments

What happens after you sign the multi-year suppler agreement worth millions of dollars and represents a large percentage of the overall IT spend?  Would you be surprised to learn that most organizations hemorrhage 30% to 50%+ of the value captured in the original negotiation?

Technology Suppliers know that most organizations don't have the expertise, staffing, and time to fully manage all aspects of a supplier agreement (re: audits anyone?).

Click here to watch our Founder, Steven Zolman discuss the issue of Keeping Value in your IT Investments.

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Daniel Harman, Vice President, Procurement
“Openlink has long viewed its relationship with NET(net) as a key element in our Supplier Optimization strategy.  Whether it’s Enterprise Software or IT Outsourcing, NET(net) has proven its capabilities in delivering significant ROI to every engagement.  Their subject matter experts analyze the business need, look at all possible scenarios and outcomes, and help us execute on the best overall supplier management strategy that delivers the maximum value possible.  With their people, process, and market knowledge, we’re always confident NET(net) will position Openlink for long term success with any technology supplier in our portfolio.”
NET(net) Business Development: Opportunities to Leverage Your Professional Network

NET(net)'s Business Development program has grown exponentially in the last twelve months.  There are excellent opportunities to leverage your professional network simply by making an introduction!  

Given NET(net)'s business model wherein our fees are paid for by the services, there is zero risk, and the value brought to any relationship will be appreciated for years to come.

To learn more about how to join our growing ranks of Business Development associates, please click the 'Read More' button below or contact dsiglin@netnetweb.com .

Employees in Focus: Tim Harper

As a Senior Vice President in NET(net) Inc.’s Value Delivery group, Tim is responsible for understanding clients’ needs and ensuring the unique NET(net) resources are properly deployed to provide maximum value in our client engagements.  

Tim is a Project Management Professional with more than 29 years’ experience in consulting and information technology. He has extensive experience working with clients on large-scale technology implementations, including business transformations, organizational change, and business process redesign engagements. 

Hailing from Texas, Tim has been all over the world working with NET(net) clients bringing a one of a kind work ethic to every engagement!  Click the 'Read More' button below to learn more about Tim.

NET(net) in Marrakech, Morocco

In early February, NET(net)'s annual rewards trip took place in Marrakech, Morocco.  Every year for over a decade, NET(net) has recognized extraordinary contributions to the organization by team members and plans a world class trip for them to exotic destinations.  

Previous trips have included Fiji, Patagonia, Costa Rica, and Peru to see Machu Picchu, plus many more.

This year's trip did not disappoint as you can see from the newsletter cover photo taken by a team member.

Thank you to all the staff who contributed to this fantastic trip and look forward to another exotic locale in 2018!

Speaking Engagements from NET(net):

If you would like to engage a NET(net) Subject Matter Expert for your next Executive event, contact us to discuss the event, audience, and message.  To learn more about our speaking events, please contact dsiglin@netnetweb.com.  

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To learn more about any of NET(net)'s services or media inquiries, email us at dsiglin@netnetweb.com, or call us at +1-866-2-NET-net today to see if we can help you capture more value.

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