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Thrive Ultimatum Series Part I: The Digital You Must Do

By: Steven Zolman

2019 will present the 'C-Suite' with a Digital Transformation ultimatum.  Digital initiatives can no longer be ‘shelved’ or viewed as a future innovation that are delayed by a myriad of excuses. Organizations operating this way are often in survival mode, feeling encumbered by forces outside their control. 

But survival is no longer enough as consumers, businesses, and shareholders demand that organizations move past survival mode, to thrive mode and cross the chasm of digital change and disruption now.  Companies that recognize this imperative and act on it are succeeding in the digital age.  Those that decide to stay reactive and passive, are increasingly finding themselves looking up from the bottom of a deep chasm.

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NET(net) Client PRA Health Science featured in AHL (American Healthcare Leader) Magazine

PRA's Jeff Scott, Vice President of Global Procurement

PRA Health Sciences has experienced explosive growth in the past several years. Business has expanded from about $700 million and five thousand employees in 2012 to $2 billion and more than 15,000 employees. Its contract research clients span the world - throughout eastern Europe and Asia, as well as parts of South America and Africa. To help keep pace, PRA added Jeff Scott, vice president, global procurement, to its staff in 2017.

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Are SAP’s Indirect Use Charges Legal?

By: Robin Fry, ComputerWeekly

Many SAP customers have been disturbed by its insistence on charging for “indirect usage”.  Last year’s case against Diageo supported SAP’s position that access by users that were connecting to SAP systems indirectly was chargeable, even though SAP had no user metric for such use.

However, there is a basic question that is currently being examined in Germany: is SAP permitted, by European Union (EU) law, to charge for indirect usage when this is a necessary part of the program usage?

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Welcome Egor Ivanov Supporting NET(net) in Russia

Egor supports NET(net) clients both in Russia, and Russian-speaking countries.  He is responsible for Service Delivery for key Clients, as well as expanding NET(net) presence in the region.

Egor started his career with the Military Institute for government communications, serving two years in the Russian military service as Senior Officer/Shift Leader. 

In addition, Egor has held positions in engineering, project management, and technical account management.  More recently, Egor served as a Global Account Sales Manager then IT Client Service Manager for Nokia.  

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Welcome James Dessin Supporting NET(net) in the UK

James is Director of Client Services for the United Kingdom.  In this role he is responsible for managing strategic financial services, private equity, and banking clients and providing guidance in optimizing value in their investments, agreements, and relationships.  

Educated at Harvard, then Cambridge, James has experience in finance transformation advisory to the office of finance across the United States and in the United Kingdom.

To learn more about James and contact him, click here and connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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5 Q4 Sales Strategies Technology Suppliers Use Against You

‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ is a popular holiday song that will start streaming in stores and elevators in many countries in the coming months of Q4.

Anecdotally, we believe most business leaders might say it’s the most *stressful* time of the year, especially for publicly traded companies – most of whom have their fiscal year end aligned with the calendar year end of December 31st.

Unfortunately, most technology suppliers add to that stress as they, too, are either ending their fiscal year and hence pushing hard to finish strong, or know its YOUR fiscal year- end and are pushing hard to capture more of your leftover and/or future budget dollars.  

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