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SAP at Year-End: 3 Pitfalls and Opportunities 

By Mike Welsh and Steven Zolman

December is the busiest month of the year for many suppliers, including of course SAP as they look to shore up, lock up, and secure their end-of-year financials.  A vast majority of SAP contracts renew effective January 1st.  There are both opportunities to be had and pitfalls to avoid in this end of year run to 2019 and beyond.  In this article we outline just a few things to look out for.

SAP has its share of challenges.  There is discontent amongst its partners, customers, and previous cheerleaders. 

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"Salesforce has never been stronger or in a better position than it is now".  Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, CNBC, Nov. 27, 2018.

- Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, CNBC, Nov. 27, 2018.

As you may have seen this week, Salesforce reported (way) better than expected 3rd quarter earnings.  Revenue guidance is double-digit growth through 2020.  

Bottom line...this is not a company that's offering its products and services at a discount, rather they are charging a premium (unless you know better).

Most Salesforce agreements come due at the end of January, so now is the time to ensure you are optimizing spend.  We have resources that can help:

Salesforce Benchmark Survey - Free

A complimentary high-level report and assessment on your Salesforce spend, which guidance and advice based on your inputs.

PBR: Pricing Benchmark Report

Fee-based full benchmark spend report (recommended for $300k/annum spend or less) that will render detailed reporting that establishes your pricing versus the market and what other NET(net) clients typically pay.  Our PBR's also include two calls with a analyst (pre- and post-report).

Salesforce Engage

Full strategic cost out program for larger Salesforce customers.  NET(net) dedicates a Salesforce subject matter expert to advise, negotiate (where requested) and optimize spend.  Our fees are recovered from savings.

Contact us to learn more about these and other programs that will fit your technology supplier situation. 

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Video Series: What is NET(net)'s Federated Market Intelligence? 
NET(net)'s FMI is the supplier benchmarking and pricing data we've accumulated over 16 years.  Through our 25k+ field engagements and 2,500 clients worldwide, we've gathered and organized our proprietary data to bring our clients the fastest and most accurate market information available.  Learn what it is, how we gather it, and how you can take advantage of it in this short video by our Founder, Steven Zolman.  Click below or picture at left to view.
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Greg Beutler, Operating Partner, Blackstone
From our clients: “Creating long term value for our investors is a cornerstone of what we do at Blackstone, so it’s only natural that we look for partners that have the same approach to their business. We have found that and more in working with NET(net) for the last ten plus years. NET(net) is continually among our top performing strategic partners in terms of delivering real, measurable value and optimization throughout our portfolio of companies.” 
Leverage your Professional Network with NET(net)'s BDM Program

NET(net) offers a unique opportunity for executives to leverage their professional network as a Business Development Manager and Partner.  

For executives that are retired, in transition, or work in any environment where there are no conflicts with a second income, then our BDM program could be for you.  Simply by introducing NET(net)  to key technology executives, you could have tremendous income potential.

Given NET(net)'s business model wherein our fees are paid for by the services, there is zero-risk and the value brought to any relationship will be mutually appreciated for years to come, which makes this a WIN-WIN program!

To learn more about how to join our growing ranks of Business Development partners, please click the 'Read More' button below or contact Henrik Butz at:

Employees in Focus: Welcome Marcelo Mendes

NET(net) would like to welcome Marcelo Mendes to our International Team.  As Managing Director for Client Services, Marcelo will have specific focus on Latin America and EMEA, but will also have responsibility for NET(net)'s international business.

Marcelo has a wealth of experience that he has already put to work for NET(net)'s clients, having previous roles with IBM, SAS, Tivit, and HP.  In addition to that experience, Marcelo holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Corporate Finance from Catholic University (PUC -RJ), and an MSc in Leadership and Strategy from London Business School.

Originally from Brazil, Marcelo now resides in the United Kingdom.  Please click below to learn more and contact him directly.

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ICYMI: The Digital You Must Do

By Steven Zolman:

Digitalization is impacting nearly every aspect of your business, whether its paper and documentation, photographs and images, movies and video, music and sound, or customer interactions; enabling all of it to be rendered in a digital and portable “machine readable” format with which computers and networks can recognize and interact.

We are now in the third wave. Click below to read more on what you should be preparing for now and in 2019:

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Speaking Engagements from NET(net):

If you would like to engage a NET(net) Subject Matter Expert for your next Executive event, contact us to discuss the event, audience, and message.  To learn more about our speaking events, please contact  

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