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Financial Services Blog Series: Enemy at the Gate

By Tjeerd Edelman

In the mid-1700s, Alexander Webster and Robert Wallace, two ministers of the Church of Scotland caused a major change that would alter the life insurance landscape forever. The plan they devised would invest the revenue from policy premiums and use the income generated from those investments to payout death benefit claims to the families of the insured. Much of the success of the newly-created fund can be credited to Wallace and Webster’s precise use of actuarial science such as understanding mortality rates of Scottish clergymen, along with life expectancies of the ministers’ wife and children.

Fast forward 250 years, and you’ll find an insurance industry that has experienced numerous regulatory changes and a wave of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) that leaves it consolidated and massively restricted.  Click below to read entire article.

Picture top: Essaouira, Morocco, taken by NET(net) Staff.
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New Whitepaper: Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself from a Technology Supplier Audit

By: Steven Zolman, Founder and Chief Services Architect

Technology supplier audits have become notorious in our industry.  Clients are commonly embroiled in unplanned and unbudgeted assaults on their checkbooks by technology suppliers - who are all too often looking to prop up falling revenues.  Look no further than NET(net)’s recent blog, detailing The Top 10 Audit-Crazy Software Suppliers, to learn more about the frequency and acrimony of some of their tactics.  To be sure, the process for a supplier audit is arduous, but if you prepare, and navigate the challenges successfully, you can dramatically mitigate the negative impact that results from it.  Download the whitepaper to learn a few of the things NET(net) looks for as we advise our clients on how best to manage a (hostile or tenuous) supplier audit.

To download the whitepaper, please click the Read More button below.

What Companies Really Want When Hiring a CIO

By Sharon Florentine, CIO Magazine

What are companies looking for when hiring a CIO? The answer varies depending on the organization and industry, but companies tend to look for certain common skills and experience when hiring for the role — at least according to CIO job postings. analyzed jobs postings for chief information officers between April 2017 and March 2018 and found 10 sought-after skills in almost every posting. This mix of hard and soft skills provides a good guideline for aspiring IT executives as to what hiring companies are looking for in their next CIO.

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NET(net)'s latest NPS (Net Promoter Score) as of May 15, 2018.  By way of example, here's how we compare to a few other well-known brands: IBM-28, Oracle - 25, Forrester - negative 8, Gartner - 15.  So to our clients that help us achieve and maintain this, THANK YOU!  
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Employees in Focus: CEO, Kellsey Le

Kellsey Le is now celebrating her 15-year anniversary with NET(net), and her 5th year as its President and CEO.

Kellsey started her career with CA Technologies before coming to NET(net) in 2003.  In those years since joining our team, she was able to gain experience in Sales, Service Delivery, and Operations, having served as NET(net)'s COO before being elevated to CEO duties by Founder and Owner, Steven Zolman.

Today, Kellsey oversees the growth and International expansion of NET(net)'s global business and has helped transform into the Client Centric organization it is today.  

To learn more or contact Kellsey, please click the 'Read More' link below.

NET(net): By the Numbers....

Did you know that NET(net) has been helping clients optimize their supplier investments, agreements, and relationships for almost 16 years? 

By the Numbers:

- 25k Field Engagements

- 2,500 Clients

- $250B in Client Value Captured

- $0 From Technology Suppliers

To see more of NET(net) by the numbers and learn about its many acquisitions over the years, click the 'Read More' below!

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