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5 Ways You Lose on Technology Deals

By Steven Zolman

Over the past 16 years, we’ve seen almost every way possible for an organization to lose value in their technology supplier arrangements, agreements, and relationships.  Sometimes these situations arise from external forces that leave little in the way of options like mergers, acquisitions, or litigation.  Many times, however, we find that organizations could have improved if only they had a few key insights.  If a company is willing to take the necessary steps to acknowledge where they have shortcomings in information, expertise, and experience, they could avoid many of these pitfalls. 

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Negotiating Cloud Deals

By: Tjeerd Edelman

Recently I asked myself this question: when did the words ‘cloud computing’ become the common expression to simply explain a network of remote servers? According to Technology Review, it can be traced back to 1996. Inside the offices of Compaq Computer, a small group of technology executives were plotting the future of the Internet business and calling it “cloud computing.” Not only would all business software move to the Web, but what they termed “cloud computing-enabled applications” would become common. 

In 2018, cloud computing has become a ubiquitous piece of jargon that many find annoying, but also hard to avoid. And in the wake of that, the business realities of negotiating and concluding cloud agreements are becoming more complex.

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How CIOs Can Last Longer Than 4.3 Years

By Clint Boulton, CIO Magazine

The opportunities and challenges associated with digital transformations dictate that there has never been a better time to be a CIO. Acutely aware of technology's importance in driving business differentiation, more CEOs are empowering CIOs with the resources to conduct sweeping business changes designed to boost customer engagement and grow revenues.

Yet the CIO role remains a perpetual revolving door, with IT leaders lasting at a company just 4.3 years on average, according to Korn Ferry. Conversely, the firm found that CFOs last an average of 5.1 years, while CEOs last 8 years.

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June 2018
"An engagement that provided the appropriate level of expertise to help drive value from our IT contracts, identifying opportunities we had not seen ourselves and providing the driving force and resources to execute against those value creation opportunities. A real benefit in taking a different look at our cost base. Great negotiation skills."
Teradata Suing SAP

By: Larry Dignan, from ZDNet

Teradata has filed a lawsuit alleging that SAP built its HANA--the in-memory database that serves as the backbone to its next-gen applications--by misappropriating its intellectual property.

The complaint alleges a decade-long effort to swipe trade secrets, copyright infringement and antitrust violations. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself from a Supplier Audit

Technology supplier audits have become notorious in our industry.  Clients are commonly embroiled in unplanned and unbudgeted assaults on their checkbooks by technology suppliers - who are all too often looking to prop up falling revenues. 

To be sure, the process for a supplier audit is arduous, but if you prepare, and navigate the challenges successfully, you can dramatically mitigate the negative impact that results from it.  In the Whitepaper are 10 critical items that NET(net) recommends every client review.

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Business Ethics

NET(net) has come a long way in the last 16 years.  To attract and maintain client and employee relationships, establishing a code of business ethics was an important founding principle.  Our team couldn't function without it.

We follow a simple code, called RITE-IQ:

- R for Respect.  

- I for Innovation

- T for Teamwork

- E for Ethics

- I for Involvement

- Q for Quality

To see what each of these mean to our team and how it might impact you in doing business with us, please click below to learn more.

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