Microsoft Pricing Updates, NET(net) Named by CIOReview as One of 2018's Most Promising Banking Service Providers, and more...
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NET(net) Named by CIOReview as One of the Most Promising Technology Solution Providers of 2018

CIOReview released a special edition in July for the Banking Industry and named NET(net) one of the most promising 'Banking Technology Solution Providers' for 2018.  Highlighted in the review is NET(net)'s expertise in helping Banks execute on their Digital Transformation initiatives by taking cost out of their existing technology supply chain spend to finance transformational projects.

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Alert: Microsoft Pricing Changes!

By: Scott Braden

Microsoft has announced some pricing updates and changes that you need to be aware of that will be in effect October 2018.  To learn more about these, click the Read More link below to get more information on what you need to know...

In Case You Missed It: 5 Ways You Lose on Technology Deals

By: Steven Zolman

Over the past 16 years, we’ve seen almost every way possible for an organization to lose value in their technology supplier arrangements, agreements, and relationships. 

Sometimes these situations arise from external forces that leave little in the way of options like mergers, acquisitions, or litigation.  Many times, however, we find that organizations could have improved if only they had a few key insights. 

If a company is willing to take the necessary steps to acknowledge where they have shortcomings in information, expertise, and experience, they could avoid many of these pitfalls.  It’s difficult to know what you don’t know, and as a result, many clients left to their own devices will struggle to improve in these areas. 

Click below to read all the five ways you lose on technology deals:

Shifting Line of Accountability with SaaS and Cloud
VIDEO SERIES: Steven Zolman discusses the 'Shifting Line of Accountability' with SaaS and Cloud environments.  Companies have now shifted immense responsibility and control of their technology stack deeper into the supply chain, and many of their agreements, investments, and relationships don't reflect this new reality in a way that fully mitigates risk.  Click the picture (left) to watch the video and learn more on what you can do to optimize your cloud agreements.
AWS Cost Management Tools Wrangle Unwieldy Expenses

By: Kurt Marko, from TechTarget

AWS has become the largest, most dominant public cloud provider in the world, thanks to relentless innovation of new services; secure, globally available infrastructure; and the flexibility to deploy resources and managed services at a moment's notice.

Unfortunately, these services are not always cheap. Although AWS' consumption-based billing model has the potential to be efficient, it can also lead to tremendous waste. Except for a few new services, like Lambda, AWS doesn't charge for operational usage, but it does charge for resource consumption.

To read entire article and learn more about AWS consumption costs, click below:

Whitepaper: An Inside Look at Salesforce was one of the first companies to embrace the cloud for delivering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on demand.

We have identified significant concerns with their standard commercial and contractual agreement, and have developed a comprehensive, proprietary approach to make sure clients are getting the very best from their agreements, investments, and relationships.

Click below to download the Whitepaper:

NET(net) Technology Supplier Resource Library

NET(net) has been optimizing the technology supply chain of its clients since 2002.  In that time we have amassed an amazing library of knowledge in the form of Whitepapers, Newsletters, Blog Articles, Videos and much more.  To take advantage of this resource, all you need do is visit and click on Resources.  Our site is searchable by topic, so if you need more on SAP, just type 'SAP' in the search field and you'll see everything we have related to that supplier.  

Of course, if your need is pressing, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly to arrange a conversation!

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