Six HCM Software 'Bewares', Microsoft Pricing Alert for Oct, more IBM Failures, and Why Lidl is dropping a $500m SAP Implementation..
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Market Alert: Updated Microsoft Pricing Changes in Effect as of October 1, 2018

By: Scott Braden

You may recall from our alert in July, Microsoft has substantial changes to their pricing due to take effect October 1, 2018.  As a result, we anticipate an incredibly busy September as customers try to understand what the impact will be and how best to optimize their agreements.  The actual pricing is due to be available to resellers on September 1, 2018 and will likely become widely available soon after.

In addition to the changes we previously communicated (see below), here are a few of the latest updates that have come to our attention.  

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Six 'Beware' Factors to Look for With Today's HCM Offerings

By: Andrea Alterman

It has been a long time since HCM solutions were primarily used for ‘counting noses’.   Companies large and small understand the strategic value in their workforce and are aggressively using HCM solutions to support their investment, and HCM providers know it.  Between emerging technology, disruptive companies, mergers and acquisitions, changing licensing models, cloud migrations, and much more, to say today’s HCM software market is under rapid change would be a massive understatement.  Unfortunately, none of us really have the luxury of ignoring these changes lest we be left in the wake of overpaying for a non-compliant, underperforming, and disjointed solution that no one is happy with. 

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In Case You Missed It: NET(net) Recognized by CIOReview as One of the 20 Most Promising Banking and Technology Providers - 2018

As highlighted in a special edition of CIOReview for the Banking sector, NET(net) was seen to be leading in Cost Optimization programs that can fund and accelerate Digital Transformation initiatives.  To read the issue, click here, and to see more click below:

Free Salesforce Pricing Benchmark
FREE SALESFORCE PRICING BENCHMARK:  Most Salesforce agreements come due at the end of January, and you may be thinking it's too soon for a review.  NOT SO!  Now is the time to review your Salesforce estate and plan ahead to get the best possible pricing and terms.  Take our quick Salesforce Benchmark to get a sense for where you stand today...  Click the picture of Marc Benioff at left to access the free benchmark.
More IBM Failings..

NET(net) has written extensively about IBM and their leader, Ginny Rometty, and her failing strategies.  Most of their solid revenue is coming from mainframe, which we see them over-charging for regularly.  Read below, a great article about their latest issues with Watson, what is supposed to represent the future of IBM:

What Went Wrong with IBM's Watson

By: Felix Salmon, from Slate Magazine

"IBM is shrinking: In 2011, when the company first introduced the idea that Watson might be able to one day cure cancer, its revenues were $107 billion. They’ve gotten smaller every year since, ending up at $79 billion in 2017. That presents enormous problems for any CEO, who’s generally charged with growing the company, or, failing that, growing the stock price."

To read entire article and learn more about the over-hyped Watson, click below:

NET(net) Welcome's Stephen Stringer to the Client Services Team

NET(net) is pleased to welcome Stephen Stringer as the SVP of Client Services for the Northeast United States.

A graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in Finance, Stephen has over twenty years' experience consulting C-level executives in global technology sourcing matters.  In addition to the Finance degree, Stephen has earned certifications in both ITIL and Outsourcing.

Stephen will be based out of New York City.  

Click below to learn more about Stephen and or contact for a conversation.

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Lidl Drops 500M Euro SAP (HANA) Project

By: Cliff Saran, ComputerWeekly

"A memo reportedly sent by the head of Lidl, Jesper Hoyer, to staff stated that the strategic goals as originally defined by the project could not be achieved without the retailer having to spend more than it wanted.

recent study has found that failure of SAP projects to meet expectation is a common problem. A survey of 113 individuals across 105 companies for the Uncovering the factors that drive success for SAP customers study, from SAP advisory service Resulting IT, found that only 36% felt their SAP project kept to its original plan."

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