Impact and risk of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and your suppliers, Oracle action to take before their year end and more...
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GDPR: An Opportunity for SSM (Strategic Supplier Management)

By Tjeerd Edelman

According to multiple surveys, most companies are not ready for GDPR, and expect to overpay in the millions to get themselves into compliance.

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) goes into effect on 25 May, 2018, and while GDPR is a European Union regulation, it is expected to be implemented worldwide due to its wide reaching or near universal regulatory umbrella. 

Click the Read More button below to read our take on the risks, opportunities, and issues around not just being 'ready' for GDPR, but use it as an opportunity.

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Oracle Year End - What It Means for You

May 31st is Oracle's fiscal year end.  Don't sign any agreements before you have us review them - no strings attached.  100% of the time, Oracle agreements can be materially improved.  Arrange a time to speak with one of our Oracle Subject Matter Experts now - you literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

In the meantime, we've written extensively on Oracle agreements, relationships and pricing.  In case you missed any of our articles or resources, please check out the below to learn more:

Microsoft Tops Amazon In Q1 Cloud Revenue, $6.0 Billion To $5.44 Billion; IBM Third at $4.2 Billion

By Bob Evans, Forbes

CLOUD WARS -- Despite posting excellent first-quarter cloud-revenue growth of 49% to $5.44 billion, Amazon actually lost ground in its efforts to overtake Microsoft as the world's leading enterprise-cloud provider as Satya Nadella's company reported its commercial-cloud revenue jumped 58% to $6.0 billion.

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Steven Zolman, Founder and Chief Services Architect
NET(net) Video Series:  Finding Value In Your IT Investments.  Learn how and why most companies pay 40% above the market for technology products and services.  Click the picture at left to view the video.
Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself from an Oracle Audit

Clients often call us telling us they have received notice of an Oracle Audit, and asking us what they should do.  

This is important advice, as your response in the early stages will set the trajectory of the discussions and could ultimately have a very significant impact on the outcomes.

Click below to get access to our Whitepaper: Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself from an Oracle Audit.

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Employees in Focus: Mike Welsh

Mr. Welsh is the Executive Vice President of Value Delivery at NET(net).  Mr. Welsh has been with NET(net) since 2007 (11+ years) and currently leads NET(net)’s global services team with innovation and solutions for Clients.  Mike's work has led to incremental client value of over $150B realized since 2007.

In addition to having his Bachelor of Science in Finance with an International Business concentration, Mike has experience as a CIO, has been a consultant with Anderson, and Principal at Diamond Technology Partners.

Quite literally, we believe there are less than a few people on the planet that know more about Strategic Technology Suppliers (Oracle, SAP, IBM, Salesforce, and more) than Mike.  And we're glad he is ours and working for you!

Click below to learn more about Mike or contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your immediate supplier issues or questions.


Did you know that NET(net) focuses philanthropy efforts within every region we do business around the world? 

Our model is simple - we donate:

1% of our time.

1% of our revenue.

1% of our profit.

And best of all, we do it where YOU live.  For example, 1% of revenue from the UK, is directed to UK charities.

Some (but not all) of our charities include: St. Jude, Unicef, Habitat for Humanity, Make a Wish Foundation, MD Anderson, and more.

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