S.A.V.E. Program

Spending Assessment - Value Extraction

Does it feel like you're over spending with some or all of your technology suppliers?
Are you struggling to find ways to drive down cost, and get more value from technology partners at the same time?

Looking for a low risk, high reward option to sort through this complex puzzle of suppliers, agreements, and technologies?


Enter NET(net)'s SAVE Program.  Short term savings; Long term value.  

Strategically managed to minimize costs and risk, while maximizing the realization of value and benefit to you. 

The NET(net) Approach:

Red Team: Spend Assessment

This is more than a simple top down review of your entire IT spend.  We are category experts, so we look at this comprehensive spend strategically, and leverage subject matter experts to dissect the Commercial, Contractual, and Relationship health of your strategic technology supply chain. While most firms will use a backward looking benchmark report or study, NET(net) deploys category experts into each area to completely understand the nature of your environment, assess and prioritize the opportunity for Value Extraction.

Black Team: Value Extraction

Once we have a complete understanding of where the money is going (and why) and where the opportunities are for material improvements - we put an immediate and long-term plan in place to 'extract' that value to help you minimize costs and risks, and maximize the realization of value and benefit.  This helps you get your IT Portfolio spend back in line and puts you back in the black.

What you can expect from the SAVE Program:

Access to an elite team of Subject Matter Experts.

On average, our team members have over 24 years of experience optimizing strategic technology spend.  Nowhere is there a more experienced, passionate, and effective team when it comes to IT cost reduction, technology optimization, and long term strategic supplier value.

Use of exclusive Federated Market Intelligence.

NET(net) was founded in 2002, and has managed tens of thousands of field engagements for thousands of global clients across hundreds of technology suppliers.  That field experience has resulted in an unmatched Federation of Market Intelligence and a database that can be leveraged to benefit your orginization in the form of pricing benchmarks that precisely measure market optimization (not just industry averages).

Value and benefit upwards of 32%+ over current spend.

The Savings benefit we deliver each client is over 32% on average, and often more.  That translates into millions of Savings returned back to your bottom line for both short-term savings and long term business value, as well as freeing up budget monies to reinvest in critical business and technology products for your company.

'Zero Sum' fee program.

Our success is predicated on your success.  If there is no cure, there is no pay.  To ensure your success, no fees are even invoiced until we have identified Savings opportunities in excess of our fees.  Once we have paid for ourselves (i.e., once Savings exceed program fees), only then do we gain share for a fraction of the incremental Savings beyond the point of an effective zero fee.  In short, our fee is in direct proportion to YOUR success.  If we can't help you save money - we don't get paid.  What this means for you?  Zero risk, but plenty of upside.

The SAVE Program is currently available to a select few. To schedule time with us and see if there is a potential fit, please complete the form below or email Dexter Siglin at: dsiglin@netnetweb.com and we will arrange a time to discuss your IT spend environment.