Part I of II White Paper series on Banking and Finance Industry, IT Security Spend, Oracle 'online' License term changes and more...
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Original White Paper Series: The Greatest Threats to the Banking Industry

Part I: The Digital Bank

Our banking clients, who are pursuing a full digital transformation are seeing improvements in EBITDA of more than 40%, and about two-thirds of this value comes from the impact of the digital bank on cost basis and loss prevention rather than from revenue uplift. The message being: this isn’t as much about gaining new clients, as it is reducing the costs to serve your existing ones. By doing so, the operational efficiencies gained far outweigh the investments required and make the offerings more attractive to the market at large. Quite simply; it’s a do or die decision. 

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IT Security Spend: Not Secure
Underinvested? Overinvested?  Do we have the right supplier(s)? Are we running the right software?  Are we using the right security technology? Are our solutions keeping us safe and protected? Do we have applications and a network infrastructure that can be properly protected?
These are the starting questions IT and Financial leaders of any organization face today when they look at the Equifax
Security Breach – onthe largest and deepest in US
history.  Click 'Read More' below to hear from Dave Young on his perspective, and a new take on where to invest (or NOT invest) security dollars....
When Was the Last Time You Checked Oracle's Online Terms and Conditions?  
Technology has created a world of convenience - sometimes too convenient.  In the age of click through agreements, and terms in contracts that read "See our online terms and conditions", it becomes all to easy to take advantage if you are the purveyor of these items.  Take Oracle for example - as this article states, Oracle has changed their online terms and conditions over 100 times in the last 5 months!  Has your team read them all?  Are you in compliance with them all?  If you have any questions on your Oracle agreements, terms and conditions - contact us!  Click the button to read full article from ITProPortal:
Video Series: NET(net) On The Importance of IT Market Knowledge, Founder, Steven Zolman
Why do some companies pay more for technology?  Our Founder and Chief Services Architect, Steven Zolman discusses how it can, and does, happen in most organizations. Click the image to watch the video to learn more directly from Steven.
Did You Know That 70% of IT Spend Occurs in Q4?

This is the busiest time of year for technology suppliers.  And when we say busy, we mean its their 'selling' time of year.  The last chance to stuff the sales funnel to make year end numbers.  Its how technology sales reps and their Sr. Management are compensated.  Rather than be amongst the majority who overpay by 30%+ and or sign 'sub-optimized' agreements, use this time to take advantage of the situation, rather than fall victim to sales tactics suppliers have effectively used for years.

Oracle: Will be pushing you to cloud, and HEAVY focus on (early) renewals.

IBM: Huge opportunities to save with IBM as they struggle to earn traditional revenue.

Microsoft: Q4 is when they roll out tons of new terms and conditions - be prepared!

Contact us for a full review of your Q4 IT Portfolio Spend to ensure you're maximizing value with all suppliers.

NET(net) Welcomes Matt Ryan, Director of Value Creation

The newest member of our growing team here, Matt Ryan, joins us as Director of Value Creation.  Matt's focus will be in the field working with our regional teams to Optimize our clients' technology supply chain.  Matt comes to us with very recent experience with one of the world's largest technology companies and holds an MBA with a focus on Finance.  Visit LinkedIn to learn more about Matt!

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Do You Sonic?  Hope You Used Cash...

In just the last two months, Whole Foods, Sabre, and Sonic have been hit with major security breaches.  Read below to see what happened to Sonic:

"Hackers may have made off with millions of credit card and debit card accounts used at Sonic Drive-In locations, according to a security blog.

In a posting Tuesday, Krebs on Security said Sonic Drive-In, a fast-food chain with 3,600 restaurants in 45 states, has acknowledged a breach affecting an unknown number of Sonic cash registers, known today as point-of-sale terminals."  To read full article, click below:

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