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NET(net)'s Home on the Web Has Taken Off With Relaunch!

NET(net) has launched a re-branded and updated version of our website and content areas.  With this web 2.0 version of, our goal is to bring the most relevant information forward and connect clients with what they need in seconds whether it's on a phone, tablet, or desktop.  In addition to updating our program pages and content, there is also newly designed 'Resources' area where you can now connect more closely with our subject matter experts.  While you visit, don't forget to check our the global spend globe!  Spin it to see where global IT spend is around the world, and where its trending - and more importantly, how NET(net) impacts it all...

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Banking Crisis Whitepaper, Part II of II: Tax Reformation and Offshore Banks

To say the political landscape in the United States is tumultuous right now might be the understatement of the year.  Even with one party controlling both the Executive and Legislative branches of the government, the party in power has shown little ability to get anything done on their own stated agenda.  However, there is one glaring opportunity that most politicians will not be able to resist, and that’s the chance to overhaul or at least impact the U.S. tax system.  Lowering taxes is typically a very popular measure for most politicians, and both major U.S. political parties will want in on the action.  Beyond the obvious lowering of taxes across the board, there is a ‘Golden Parachute’ of sorts being dangled out to U.S. Corporations – which is a one-time exemption to bring cash and profits back the United States with minimal tax exposure.  When that happens (which we predict it will), the implications for Banking and Financial institutions with offshore presence will go far beyond the Panama Papers.  Click Read More below to download and read Part II of our Banking Crisis series.  If you missed Part I - click here.

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Performance Benchmark Reports: PBRs

NET(net) has introduced PBRs (Pricing Benchmark Reports) that tap into our 15 years of Federated Market Intelligence to deliver real-time market based supplier pricing.

With NET(net)'s PBRs you get:

  • Full report with written assessment
  • Live analyst pre and post-report calls
  • Market comparisons for high and low range spend
  • Options for ad hoc or subscription

Click here to get more information or get started by clicking Read More below to start the Benchmark process on our secure WIN(win) platform. 

  1. If you don't already have a WIN(win) login, simply create one by registering as a buyer
  2. Click 'Benchmarks' from menu
  3. Choose Option (ad hoc or subscription)
  4. Input your basic information, and we'll be in touch to kick off the short process
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The NET(net) Global IT Spend Orb.
The NET(net) Global Spend Orb: Check out the world's global IT spend on our interactive orb on  Spin it and drill down into regions around the world to see where the spend is, and what the trend is for your part of the world..
Market Alerts: Q4 Close!

This is the last quarter for many of the world's largest technology suppliers.  You no doubt have seen a greater sense of urgency from many of them this time of year - for good reason.  Besides revenue and profits that are on the line, individual sales bonuses and commissions are as well.  Now is the time to optimize these agreements for better terms and pricing:

Oracle: November and December are their BIGGEST months of the year.  As such they will push for more.

IBM: Watson?  Cloud growth?  Why did Warren Buffet dump IBM shares?  Should you buy in?  Talk to us if you have IBM deals.

SAP: Are paying any support to SAP? New licenses before year- end? Audits?  Please talk to us first.

Microsoft: Q4 marks the end of their first half.  They will roll out changes to pricing, terms and conditions.  December is their largest revenue month after June.

Contact us for a full review of your Q4 IT Portfolio Spend to ensure you're maximizing value with all suppliers.

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NET(net) Welcomes Decio Barros to Latin America Team!

Decio joins our growing Latin America and Caribbean team as a Value Creation Manager.  We are pleased to have Decio's vast experience in several critical areas to drive value wth our clients: IT Supply Chain, Financial Services Industry, Mainframe, Engineering Software, Telecom, ERP and Outsourcing/BPO environments.  Click here to learn more about Decio!

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Ring-fencing rules drive RBS to sell £200m Lombard

Regulations impacting Banking industry, which will have immediate impact on Technology Supply Chain.

The auction of its offshore unit is one of the first tangible examples of a major British bank deciding to sell a substantial business because of the ring-fencing rules which will create a firewall between lenders' retail and investment banking units from 2019.

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