Buffet dumps IBM and Ginny gets a raise, SAP suing more customers, Overpaying Microsoft, Oracle doubling price for some clients, and more...
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SAP Suing Clients...Again...

Still don't think you need a new plan for SAP?  The status quo is over.  If your organization doesn't have a plan to migrate services away from SAP wherever possible, then you are behind.  Way behind.  And you don't have to just be a Salesforce customer using SAP - the risk and cost is high with all the bloated incumbent providers.  We discussed this a few months ago here in our article on SAP Taking InDirect Aim at its Customers.

Click below to read an InfoWorld article on SAP's latest lawsuit against one of its own customers. 

Microsoft.  Yes, you are paying too much.

Did you know that 1 in 3 Microsoft Agreements come due in 2017?  Maybe that's not surprising, but did you also know that 1 out of 2 of those are up in June?

With all the changes taking place in the market, now is the time to review and get expert advice and benchmarking on what you should be paying and receiving in value, versus what Microsoft offers.  Yes - they will make you 'feel' like you've struck the best deal since the U.S. bought Alaska for $7M, but in reality we typically find most deals are well out of market.

We've updated our Whitepaper: Top 7 Ways You Are Overpaying Microsoft.  Download with our compliments - but if you want to transform your Microsoft spend, let us take a look with zero risk or cost to you.  

Fortune Magazine: Microsoft Ransomware Liability (and Upgrade Strategy?)

While Ransomware is not necessarily news, this article caught our attention as it maps to our overall opinions on Microsoft's revenue strategy (including audits).  From the article: 

'Meanwhile, a core business strategy for Microsoft and other software sellers involves persuading people to upgrade to newer software versions like Windows 10. In this context, companies may have an incentive not to fix security vulnerabilities in older software—but instead treat those vulnerabilities an inducement to upgrade.

"One way to view it might be: they made a defective product that the current laws don't make them liable for, and force you to buy a new product or else you are vulnerable to harm from the existing product," a government official, told the Financial Times.'

To read the entire Fortune article, click below.

Video Series: Federated Market Intelligence
How do we know you are overpaying suppliers?  15 Years of capturing data on thousands of negotiations first hand.  You may engage with SAP or Microsoft once every couple years.  We do it every day.  Learn about our Federated Market Intelligence by clicking the picture....
Dave Young: Get on SDN Now

Dave Young from NET(net) believes if you have not already made the move to SDN, now is the time.  "The technology cartel lines up to lock in customers with expensive, proprietary hardware, coupled with complicated firmware to run it all, then typically charge you maintenance and support to keep it all running. Why would you need all that support?"  

Click below to

Oracle Making SAP Look Reasonable...
Oracle has doubled down – literally – in their ploy to shore up declining revenue in its traditional licensing model.  Filed under ‘in case you missed it’, Oracle starting in January literally doubled the cost of running its software in the AWS cloud.  Make sure you are prepared and have a plan. Click below to read more...
Buffett Dumps IBM Shares - Ginny Gets a Raise
As Steven Zolman has written about, and been quoted in major publications, Ginny Rometty seems to have 9 lives. The IBM Board narrowly gives her another raise despite well underperforming against expectations....  Read more below:
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