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Oracle is at it again...

Oracle has doubled down – literally – in their ploy to shore up declining revenue in its traditional licensing model.  Filed under ‘in case you missed it’, Oracle starting in January literally doubled the cost of running its software in the AWS cloud. 

Microsoft Rolls Out Premium Assurance Plans for Windows Server and SQL Server

Have you heard about the Microsoft Premium Assurance Plans? Microsoft recently announced this new offerring and our SVP of Value Creation, Scott Braden was quoted in Redmond Magazine on this topic. 

Read the article, "Microsoft Rolls Out Premium Assurance Plans for Windows Server and SQL Server" now.

We also followed up to our quote in Redmond Magazine. Read our "Microsoft Premium Assurance Plans" blog response now. 

Thought Leadership: Microsoft Resource Library

Now is the time to contact us if you have a renewal, audit issue, or are procuring new Microsoft products! Engage us to get the best benchmarking and guidance available, literally, in the world.


Microsoft Premium Assurance Plans

Microsoft Announces That Some "included free" Features Will Now Cost Extra: What's Free Today, is Fee Tomorrow

Microsoft SAM Reviews: Incompetence or Deliberate Business Strategy

Market Alert: Changes to Microsoft Licensing Rules

Licensing: Microsoft IQ Quiz


The Top 7 Reasons You Are Overpaying Microsoft

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NET(net) has continued its excellent NPS score which is currently at 86!  For reference, Tech Suppliers hover around 20.  Read more on what our clients' have to say by clicking on the picture.....
Why CIOs Make Great Board Directors

According to Korn Ferry unpublished data, there has been a 74% increase in the number of CIOs serving on Fortune 100 boards in the past two years.

It’s no wonder CIOs are the fastest-growing addition to the boardroom: They can help address a host of issues of crucial importance to boards, including using technologies to create operational efficiencies and competitive advantage, and more...  Click the Read More button below for full story on Harvard Business Review.

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NET(net) Welcomes Aniele Ricco!

NET(net) is happy to announce that Aniele Ricco has joined our Latam and Caribbean Region team as a Value Delivery Manager. Aniele graduated with a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing. Some of her focus areas will include: business analysis for existing and prospective clients, engagement services management  and service delivery management. Welcome aboard Aniele!

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