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Microsoft: What to Expect in their New Fiscal Year Starting July 1st

June 30 ends Microsoft’s 2017 fiscal year. Undoubtedly, Redmond will report strong growth in Office365 and Azure cloud sales and corresponding strong profits overall.   Following the peak deal-making season that ends June 30th, ‘Microsofties’ begin the summer conference and vacation season with internal meetings, planning sessions, then the large public conferences – most notably the annual worldwide Partner conference, “Inspire” which this year is in Washington DC, July 9th – 13th.

ITAM SAP Group: Spend Money With SAP to Make Spurious Indirect Claims Go Away?

As we shared in previous newsletter - SAP is suing and strong arming customers.  Findings from ITAM's SAP Special Interest Group find the same issues.  BEFORE YOU NEGOTIATE or RENEW WITH SAP, have NET(net) review your estate.  SAP is playing hardball with even its best customers:

"SIG participants suggested that indirect claims were predatory, and that spending money with SAP made spurious indirect access claims go away. Spend money, or buy strategic growth products important to SAP such as HANA. One SIG member quoted their SAP account manager who said “wouldn’t it be easier just to settle with us and pay than to go to court”. Tantamount to BLACKMAIL."  Click below to read entire text of group findings.
insider information.jpg
Why Some Pay 30% to 60% Less for Microsoft
  • Being Audited?
  • Migrating to Azure?
  • Making a True Up Payment?
  • Intergrating Acquisitions?
  • Concerned About the Cost of Your Microsoft Spend?

Click the read more link below to download a snippet of our Microsoft Case Studies.  See how others get the insider knowledge to stop overpaying Microsoft.

Video Series: Getting Value and Spending Less in Your Technology Supply Chain
Where and how do you get the Inside Track on driving more value and savings with technology spend over your competition?  Start by watching this video.
Cyber Attack Traced to Tax Software

Time to take stock of your supplier risk.  NET(net) can review your technology supply chain, and optimize risk and value.

From Fortune Magazine:

A worldwide cyberattack that affected companies in 64 different countries, including those in the United States, caused panic as security experts scrambled to find out how it happened. Microsoft now believes it can trace the origins of the cyberattack to a Ukrainian company's tax accounting software.

NET(net) Welcomes Grecia Iuculano

Please join us in welcoming Grecia Iuculano who is based out of NET(net)'s Grand Cayman office.  Grecia will be focused on Business Development efforts in Latin America. Caribbean, Spain and Italy. She is uniquely suited given her expertise in multiple languages speaking Italian, Spanish, and English fluently. Grecia has also lived and worked in both Italy and Latin America, so we look forward using her 'local' knowledge in making more connections for NET(net)!

Find out more about her on Linkedin! 

Vendor Risk Management Benefits: The Underpinning of Any Successful Vendor Risk Management Framework

Click the link below to hear from experts, including NET(net), on Managing Vendor Risk.  Most organizations need to work with vendors or third-party suppliers for their software and technology needs. NET(net) uses the WIN(win) platform to perform these best practice methodologies - what does your organization use?

Read more to learn more best practices provided by three risk management experts, including a contribution from NET(net)'s, Dexter Siglin.

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