NET(net) Celebrating 15 years, Savings with MPLS Migrations, SAP Case Study, IBM Declining Revenues, and Taming the Microsoft Gorilla.
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NET(net) Celebrating 15 Years in Iceland

2017 marks 15 years that NET(net) has been Optimizing Technology Supply Chains all over the globe.  As part of that recognition, NET(net) along with some invited guests will be celebrating this milestone in Iceland at our Mid-Year Meetings.  Typically our Mid-Year is a time to reflect on our first six months and assess what we did and how we did it. We can then turn toward the next six months and focus on business value creation. This time, in addition to reflecting on that six months, we'll be reflecting on the last 15 years. Special thank you to our clients, partners, and staff for supporting NET(net) over the years.

  • 2,500 Clients, All Geographies & Industries
  • $250B Client Value Captured Since 2002
  • Over 25,000 Field Engagements
  • Category Experts That Average Over 25 years in Their Field
Infrastructure Spend: Substantial Savings with Replacing MPLS with SD WAN
(Author, NET(net)'s Dave Young) The saying that ‘there is a time and a place for that’ can apply to almost anything in our daily lives, but nowhere is it truer than in technology.  The pace of change in some tech areas go at breakneck speed, while others move slower.  But the constant for either is that there is always change.  For example, there was a ‘time and a place’ for 2-way pagers years ago, but that time is gone now replaced by all manner of smartphones, tablets, and even the IoT’s.  Just as there was a ‘time and a place’ for MPLS, it will be - in the not too distant future, added to the historical shelf of technology there was a ‘time and a place for’, just like Frame Relay before it.
SAP Case Studies and Success Story with IXOM
Maximizing value with SAP can be a tough road, but we have found some great success working with our clients, like IXOM based in Melbourne, Australia.  Click the read more link below to learn how we achieved 47% savings working together.
Video Series: NET(net) On Keeping Value in IT Investments, Founder, Steven Zolman
NET(net) Founder, Steven Zolman, discusses how Strategic Supplier Management services help clients keep value in their IT investment over the life of their agreements.
IBM Posts Yet Another Revenue Decline
As our Founder, Steven Zolman, was quoted in his interview with Germany's Manager Magzin, IBM's Ginny Rometty should have already been on her way out.  It seems the patience is waning...Click the Read More link below for CNBC's article on IBM's shrinking revenue...
NET(net) Welcomes Marcelo Almeida to our South America Office

Please join us in welcoming Marcelo Almeida who is based out of NET(net)'s South America office in Brazil. As Director of Client Services, Marcelo has a Mechanical Production Engineering degree from at FEI (Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial) as well as an Executive MBA from BBS (Brazilian Business School). We look forward to Marcelo's contributions to our Latin America team in driving client value!  Welcome Marcelo! Visit LinkedIn to learn more about Marcelo.

Tame the Microsoft Gorilla One Google at a Time

Gorillas.  They can be cute and seem cuddly from a distance, but up close they are probably more scary and intimidating.  There’s little doubt that Microsoft is the 800 pound gorilla in the desktop productivity market.  The real question is, how do you get away from the gorilla when you’re trapped in its domain? 

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