The NET Effect Newsletter: SAP Lawsuit 'win' against Diageo and what it means for you, Oracle Resources, BDAs, and Outsourcing.
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SAP Wins Landmark Lawsuit Against Long Term Customer Diageo

In a landmark ruling, the High Court of London issued a victory for SAP that should send shivers down the backs of its clients worldwide.  In the case of Diageo, their liability on top of the £50m already spent with SAP now jumps to over £100m.  Learn more about the ruling and what it could mean for you.


Oracle Resource Library

NET(net) is your one stop for all things Oracle.  Below we've compiled a 'kit' for easy access to what you need to know to optimize your deployment and spend:

Blog Article: Oracle Cloud: The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Blog Article 2: Oracle License in Carve Outs: How Can You Beat Free?

Whitepaper: Top 10 Ways to Defend an Oracle Audit

Benchmark: Free Oracle Benchmark

Case Study: Saving over 50% on Oracle

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Business Development Agent (BDA) Program

Did you know that NET(net) has a Business Development Agent (BDA) program?  Our BDA's have leveraged their executive networks around the world by introducing NET(net) and driving millions in incremental value for like minded CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and more.  This is truly a WIN-WIN program for all involved. Click below to learn more about the program.

NET(net) Finding Value Video
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NET(net) Founder, Steven Zolman, discusses how NET(net) Advisory Services finds value in IT investments and why clients typically overpay an average of 40% for their IT services and technology products.
Is your IT outsourcing safe? Probably...

With new administration in the White House, people are wondering what is safe and what isn't.  Manufacturer's and their operations being overseas, has been a key point for the president, but is IT outsourcing on his radar as well?

Continue to read, "Your IT outsourcing is safe under Trump. Probably" for more details.  

NET(net) Welcomes Liz Harris!

NET(net) is happy to announce that Liz Harris has joined our team as a Business Analyst in Grand Cayman. In this role, Liz will be working with the Client Service team, the WIN(win) team and more. Just to name a few things, she will be working on data analysis, reporting, service delivery management and more. Liz has over 16 years experience in software asset management.  Welcome to our team Liz!

S.A.V.E. Program

Looking for a no risk way to assess and extract value from your technology supply chain?  Our SAVE (Spend -Assessment-Value-Extraction) program was developed to ensure quick wins with a fee plan that literally - pays for itself - or there is no fee!

Learn more about the program by emailing or click on the below image for more information.

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Speaking Engagements from NET(net):

If you would like to engage a NET(net) Subject Matter Expert for your next Executive event, contact us to discuss the event, audience, and message.  To learn more about our speaking events, please click here or contact  

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