Special Year End Issue: Preparing for 2017, Letter from our CEO, Carve outs in Licensing Transfers (just say no!), and more..
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Open Letter from our CEO, Kellsey Le

As we close out 2016, on behalf of the global staff at NET(net), I reflect on the blessings we experience on a daily basis and wish to thank all our clients and partners for entrusting the team at NET(net) to help you find, get, and keep more value in your IT agreements, investments, and relationships.  NET(net) ends the year on the highest of notes, celebrating many Clients successes, achieving significant milestones with our closest partners, and initiating a record number of new relationships with various companies throughout the world. Click read more button for full message, and more ways to provide direct feedback.


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SAP and Oracle License Transfers - How Can You Beat FREE? 

We are all conditioned to some degree either consciously or subconsciously, that when we hear the word free – it must be a good thing:

  • Buy one, get one free!
  • Free with purchase of two or more…
  • Free to the first 10 customers…
  • Claim your free gift by registering today…

And the list goes on….  However, these marketing terms are not limited to the realm of retail.  We are exposed every day to the same conditioning in the world of B2B technology and software.

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2017 Salesforce Resources

Yes - we have been 'banging the Salesforce drum' and for good reason.  Most of their agreements come due in January, so plan ahead and get the resources you need to make better decisions!  


Benchmark Survey


Article 1: The State of CRM in 2016

Article 2: Benchmark Your Salesforce Pricing and Stop Overpaying

Article 3: Market Alert

WIN(win) Videos
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Our WIN(win) platform proactively helps Clients manage their portfolio of Strategic Agreements to Find, Get, and Keep more value with suppliers.  Click the WIN(win) logo to see how all the areas work.
CIO Tech Poll: Priorities for 2017

A poll by CIO/IDG Enterprise conducts their annual survey on spending prioroties and budgets for 2017:

  • Spend with new tech firms increasing
  • Budgets rising
  • Predictive Analytics leads increase in new initiatives spend
  • BI and Analytics platforms lead category spend increases

Click below to go to IDG Enterprise and learn more...

NET(net) Welcomes Terra Nesbitt!

NET(net) is happy to announce that Terra Nesbitt has joined our team based in Holland, MI as a Bookkeeper. Terra has years of experience in financial reporting, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Please join us in welcoming Terra!

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If you would like to engage a NET(net) Subject Matter Expert for your next Executive event, contact us to discuss the event, audience, and message.  To learn more about our speaking events, please click here or contact dsiglin@netnetweb.com.  

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