Implications of US Tax Reform on IT, Eurozone Banking, Microsoft and SAP insight, and more...
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Corporate Offshore Cash: Lessons from Microsoft

NET(net) is closely watching Tax Reform progress in the United States, and the potential impact to foreign banks as Trillions of U.S. dollars could be 'repatriated' overnight.  Several EU banks are already teetering on the brink.  Compounding their current debt issues, is the very real possibility that their own offshore entities and partners suffer a 'vaccum effect' of losing trillions in deposits and holdings back to the United States.  There will be an impact - especially to the Technology Supply Chain of these banks and financial institutions. NET(net) will be writing and discussing this topic in greater detail with clients in the coming weeks. Call or email us to schedule time to learn more on how this could impact you directly.

Click below to learn how Microsoft and several of the world's largest companies are currently holding trillions overseas, and just how quickly that could change.

Resources to Optimize: SAP

With SAP becoming ever more litigious in their pursuit of revenue by any means possible, its critical to have all the information you need to be prepared for any eventuality whether it be from your own company via mergers, acquisitions, and growth - or from SAP itself around audits, lawsuites and price gouging.  Below are resources available to assist you - and of course we are only a phone call away...

SAP Takes (in)Direct Aim at its Customers

Top 6 Questions to Ask Before Taking SAP the Road to Hana

SAP Agreements: A Goldmine of Savings Opportunity

NET(net) Case Study: SAP

Reality: You Can Save up to 66% on Microsoft
When you have spent 15 years optimizing Microsoft Agreements for clients around the globe, you tend to learn a few things.  To gain from our experience on how we achieve 32%+ average savings across all engagements (and more importantly, how we can do it for you), click the read more link below for case studies outlining three real world examples.  For a Whitepaper on 'Overpaying Microsoft' - click here.
Video Series: NET(net) On Finding Value in IT Investments, Founder, Steven Zolman
Finding Value is a key principle in NET(net)'s Strategic Supplier Management methodology.  But 'Finding Value' is only the first step in creating a fully sustainable IT Supply Chain.  Click the image to watch the video to learn NET(net)'s approach.
Warning Signs from European Central Bank (Health of Eurozone Banking System)?
By Stephen Pope: Many leading financial commentators said in the past week that for their money, the most interesting event at the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium would be the address given by Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB).  Click below to read more:
NET(net) Welcomes Ronald Kruyt to the NET(net) EMEA Team

Please join us in welcoming Ronald Kruyt who is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. As a VP of Client Services, Ronald brings 20+ years of Sr. Client Management experience from companies such as Microsoft and Citirx, working with some of Europe's premier brands. We look forward to Ronald's contributions to our EMEA team in driving incremental client value primarily in the banking and financial services industry.  Visit LinkedIn to learn more about Ronald.

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In Case You Missed It: If You're Still Spending on MPLS, You Should Already Have a Plan for SD WAN.
By NET(net)'s Dave Young:The saying that ‘there is a time and a place for that’ can apply to almost anything in our daily lives, but nowhere is it truer than in technology.  The pace of change in some tech areas go at breakneck speed, while others move slower.  But the constant for either is that there is always change.  Click below to read more on how this change can save on your MPLS network(s).
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