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Transform and Disrupt: Get on SDN Now

Before you dig into this piece, know that if you have multiple networking certifications, or have been designing and implementing networks for years – this article is probably not for you.  If, however, you are interested to learn more about what Software-Defined Networking is (SDN) is and how it can potentially drive cost out of your technology spend and ease the manageability of your network – read on.

Microsoft Azure Webinar 

How much do you know about Microsoft Azure?

NET(net)'s Scott Braden will be a featured guest on a Comparex webinar discussing: "How Today's Business Leaders Make the Most of Microsoft Azure".

Want to learn more about the May 3rd event? You can get more information or sign up for the webinar here.

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Vendor Risk Management Benefits: The Underpinning of Any Successful Vendor Risk Management Framework

Click the picture or the read more link below to hear from experts, including NET(net), on Managing Vendor Risk.  Most organizations need to work with vendors or third-party suppliers for their software and technology needs. NET(net) uses the WIN(win) platform to perform these best practice methodologies - what does your organization use?

Read more to learn more best practices provided by three risk management experts, including a contribution from NET(net)'s, Dexter Siglin.

Video Series: Sustainability and Optimal Cost in the Technology Supply Chain
Sustainable IT investments are good for the client, the market and the suppliers, says NET(net) Founder, Steven Zolman.  Learn more by clicking the picture....
Microsoft Will Block Non-Office 365 Users from Skype, OneDrive and Outlook

While it is still a few years away from happening, standalone users of Microsoft products like Skype and Outlook will no longer have access to these programs. 

Starting October 2020, Microsoft will be introducing some changes. Read more to understand what is coming soon.

NET(net) Welcomes Kathleen Bradley!

Please join us in welcoming Kathleen Bradley to the NET(net) EMEA team! She will serve as the Engagement Services Manager and will focus her time on data analysis to support value creation and client services, engagement management of client projects, and service delivery management support. Kathleen's background consists of mostly technology based companies and improving the client experience. 

Find out more about her on Linkedin

Oracle: In Case You Missed It...(doubling cloud pricing)
Oracle has doubled down – literally – in their ploy to shore up declining revenue in its traditional licensing model.  Filed under ‘in case you missed it’, Oracle starting in January literally doubled the cost of running its software in the AWS cloud.  Click below to learn more and read Mike Welsh's article on the subject.
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