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Looking for More Value at Year-End?

This quarter, NET(net) is shining the spotlight on year-end opportunities. Our subject matter experts have identified market conditions placing significant downward pricing pressure on top suppliers - SAP, Oracle, Microsoft,, and many more. As always, we are eager to share this insight with clients. Read on for the Seven Year-End Strategies you can implement now to save in the immediate. 

Supplier Focus: Q4 SAP Savings Opportunities

The emergence of strong cloud alternatives, the promotion of Business Suite 4, and laggard market players. What do these all add up to? HUGE savings. Q4 2015 is one of the best times in recent history to (re)negotiate SAP deals. NET(net) celebrates successful field engagements, with a 2015 average of over 35% savings on SAP agreements!

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Thought Leadership: Dell EMC Merger

In the largest tech deal in history, Dell recently purchased EMC for a pretty penny...$67 billion, to be exact. This deal may dwarf others of its kind, but we think it's too late for the former tech titans. Founder and Chief Services Architect Steve Zolman reflects on what this deal means to our valued clients, and why it's coming up short. 

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Jason Richards
Vice President of IT, Sophos Limited
“We recently engaged NET(net) to advise us regarding a complicated renegotiation with one of our key strategic suppliers. The NET(net) team was able to help us analyze, assess, and validate our current environment and convert that into strategy to guide negotiations. There were several layers of complexity around getting this done such as the number of parties associated with negotiations. Working together, we were able to arrive at an agreement that ensures we are ‘right sized’ for the future. We would consider engaging NET(net) again for assistance and advice with our strategic technology partners should the need arise.”
NET(net) welcomes new SVP of Client Services: Eric Osterloh

NET(net) extends a warm welcome to our new team member, Eric Osterloh. Based in the Denver area, Mr. Osterloh has spent the last successful 10 years as a VP of Sales at Spinnaker Support and a Regional Sales Manager at SuccessFactors. He enjoys skiing and spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Clients enjoy Success with the WIN(win) Supplier Portal

NET(net)'s SaaS based Strategic Supplier Management platform WIN(win), has now exceeded $750m USD of agreement value.  In addition to that growth, we continue to innvoate having launched its Supplier Portfolio Management area.  Now in one place, you can manage all your existing and potential supplier candidates, organized by business relationship and other preferences.  In addition, you can create your own customized web portal where suppliers can register, add their products and contact information, and answer a series of customized qualifying questions. Time to put an end to cold calls!

Spotlight on the SME!

David (Dave) Young has over 30 years of IT experience in several areas including telecommunications and infrastructure.  While Dave has the degrees; a BS in Computer Science and Management along with a Master of Science in Telecommunications, its his experience that sets him apart. Having reviewed, advised, optimized and negotiated hundreds of infrastructure & telecom supplier agreements, you will find no one with more expertise to ensure a fair deal is struck.

Contact us today to start a conversation about your infrastructure spend initiatives for year-end and 2016!

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