In this issue: Video on the 'Unofficial Technology Cartel', SAP news and thought leadership, Free Oracle and Salesforce Benchmarks and more.
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Thought Leadership: 5 Questions to Ask Before Taking the SAP 'Road to Hana'

There is a beautiful highway in Hawaii affectionately known (at least to honeymoon tourists) as ‘The Road to Hana’, on the island of Maui. As we are finding out working with our clients, you should question when you're going to take this ‘Road to Hana’ – or whether organizations should instead adopt the Missouri state motto: ‘Show Me’.  Click below to read what 6 questions you should ask before considering a move.


Am I Paying Too Much?

"Am I paying too much?"  Most of us have asked this question before any major purchase in our personal lives whether it be for cars, houses, or boats.  There are free tools to help you with cars (, houses (, and even boats (  Why not for software spend?  Check out our free benchmark tools for Oracle and Salesforce we call 'FMI on Demand'. Answer a few questions, and you get an analytic and advice back that immediately compares your spend to the marketplace. Choose your benchmark below or call us if you need another supplier.  Either way - please let us know what you think!

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NET(net) In the News: 5 ways CIOs and IT Leaders Can Do More With Less

NET(net) VP of Marketing shares lessons learned with MRC's Productivity Channel, around how embracing new technology can help CIOs and IT Leaders actually recover more value with fewer resources (#4 in the article).  Click the read more button below to see entire article... 

    Video: 'The Unofficial Technology Cartel' by Steven Zolman
Founder and Chief Services Architect
Video Spotlight: In this 3 minute video, Steven Zolman discusses how most companies pay a 40% premium by engaging with the 'Unofficial Technology Cartel'.  Click the picture to start video.
NET(net) welcomes new SVP of Client Services: Mark Wolfe

NET(net) extends a warm welcome to our new team member, Mark Wolfe. Based in the Atlanta area, Mr. Wolfe has many years of success with companies such as Oracle, ADP, and Procure Technologies.  To learn more about Mark or contact him directly, please click the 'Learn More' link below! 

The Street: "Struggling SAP Downgraded to "Under-perform" by Jefferies"

SAP is slow getting to the cloud, and they have a long road yet to get there. Making the transition now includes a new S4 Hana version that may stifle that transition even more.  Learn why expert analysts think they deserve a downgrade by clicking the read more button and go directly to The Street...

Spotlight on the SME: Fred Teekens, EMEA
Fred has over 18 years in the procurement space, and brings that knowledge and expertise to our client engagements, primarily in EMEA.  With experience at companies such as ING and NN Group, coupled with his degree in Marketing Economics, Fred is not only an excellent communicator, but has industry recognized experience working with all manner of technology suppliers.  Fred is an active outdoorsman, and from what we understand a dominant force on the links!
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