In this issue: Oracle - King of the cloud? Video from founder Steve Zolman on the importance of Federated Market Intelligence, and more...
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Oracle's Cloud: The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Oracle’s history with the cloud has been somewhat (shall we say) evolving.  As recently as 2008, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison has called the cloud “complete gibberish”, “insane”, and likened its “idiocy” to that of “women’s fashion”.  He later said that cloud was his idea.  Still later, Larry Ellison said he liked the brand of “cloud computing”, calling it “charismatic”.  Then, at OpenWorld 2014, Oracle declared itself “King of the Cloud”.  Read our take on their latest acquisition - NetSuite, and where they are headed next.


In Case You Missed It:  Microsoft Market Flash 

NET(net) sent a flash alert to most of our client community last week around changes Microsoft has and is making to its licensing model.  This can greatly impact your current and future operating environment!  Click below to learn more about what we are telling clients. 

In the News: Oracle to Buy NetSuite for $9.3B

The deal, among the largest in Oracle’s history, reunites Chairman Larry Ellison with Zach Nelson, NetSuite’s chief executive, who ran Oracle’s marketing operations in the 1990s. Mr. Ellison is NetSuite’s largest investor; entities owned by Mr. Ellison and his family held nearly 40% of NetSuite’s shares, according to NetSuite’s annual proxy statement filed in April. Much of his net worth is also tied up in Oracle, which he co-founded in 1977.

    Video: 'Federated Market Intelligence' by Steven Zolman
Founder and Chief Services Architect
Video Spotlight: In this 3 minute video, Steven Zolman discusses the importance of Federated Market Intelligence and how it adds incremental value to Strategic Supplier Management services, IT Optimization and IT Negotiation.
NET(net) Welcomes New SVP of Client Services EMEA: Kevin Stilwell

NET(net) extends a warm welcome to our new team member, Kevin Stilwell. Based in London, Mr. Stilwell will lead NET(net) efforts in EMEA with a focus on larger enterprise companies.  With over 30 years experience at companies such as Oracle, IBM, and SAP, he is well equipped to engage our clients in optimizing spend in these estates and more.  To read more about Kevin, please click below: 

NET(net)'s SaaS Platform, WIN(win), Surpasses $1.2B in Active Agreement Value

Launched in 2014, WIN(win) has provided for a full end to end TEBPaaS (Technology Enabled Business Process as a Solution) that combines supplier Performance Management, Strategic Sourcing, Federated Market Intelligence and Collaboration all in once place.  Today, over $1.2B of active client spend is housed in WIN(win) and growing every day.  Contact us to learn more about how WIN(win) can add value to your supplier management process.

Spotlight on the Founder: Steven Zolman
To say that Steven Zolman has a passion for driving long term value for our clients' technology supply chain, would be an understatement! In founding NET(net) over 14 years ago, Steven was astounded at the staggering inequities that technology buyers were willing to accept due to both the seen and unseen forces at work against them. Since 2002, Steven has spent (almost) every waking moment speaking around the world and working directly with clients on how to shine a light on - and expose the latent value waiting to be claimed in their technology supply chain.  To learn more about Steven and see how to request him for a speaking engagement, click the 'Read More' button below.
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