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The State of CRM in 2016

Kicking off 2016, NET(net) is busy assisting clients with their agreements, as the company's fiscal year end is January 31st. Founder and Chief Services Architect, Steven Zolman, offers insight on the rapid growth Salesforce has experienced this past year, and the suppliers that are showing a steady decline. Check out the post here: 

Benchmarking Your Salesforce Agreement is massively expensive at scale.  In fact, our comprehensive study of over 20 leading customer relationship management (CRM) software providers again reveals that has the highest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market, meaning that is quite simply the most expensive way you can furnish your organization with CRM software.
IBM CEO: The Ginni Rometty Trilogy, Ouster Imminent 

In our 3-part blog series, we've accurately predicted the rise and fall of Ginni Rometty's reign as CEO of IBM. Read on for an update on what we believe will be her imminent ouster, and what that means for IBM, for the market, and for you. 

Rowan Start
Chief Information Officer, IXOM
“Getting a deal with SAP where you believe that you've maximised the value of the deal is never an easy task. There's a lot of moving parts, and you don't always realise the implications of what you are agreeing until it's too late (and after the deal is done). When Blackstone introduced NET(net) to me, and they took a look at our situation and came up with options in the SAP license arena where by we could generate significant value... well I was skeptical. Could they really deliver on what they said they could? Not only did we deliver enough value in the short term to justify the change we made, but we got a lot of future proofing in the deal so that there's potential for further value to be added over the longer run. And that's easy to forget, but with NET(net) you get everything on the table and tackle it when it's there to be done. I would encourage anyone that's got a big deal coming down the pipe, or who's looking to revamp the status quo... to speak with NET(net) and get them in play. There's nothing to lose and you just might be surprised with what there is to gain.”
NET(net) Kicks off 2016 in Grand Cayman!

NET(net) gathered for a week of meetings at WIN(win)'s headquarters in Grand Cayman this January for its 2016 kick off. The supplier landscape is as dynamic as its ever been, and the NET(net) team took time to reflect on 2015, and what to expect for 2016 in the technology marketplace. Our mission, as is the case every year, is to convert knowledge into power for our clients. Seen below is the wrap up dinner at Kaibo.


White Paper: An Inside Look at Salesforce

Download NET(net)’s complimentary whitepaper to learn more about the need for proactive management. Managing your agreement, investment, and relationship requires a comprehensive approach to minimize ongoing costs and risks, and maximize the realization of ongoing value and benefits.

Spotlight on the SME!

Scott Braden, SVP of Value Creation, fills a crucial role at NET(net). He is passionate about helping clients optimize their IT investments (with a focus on Desktop, Distributed, and Cloud based software solutions) and end user strategies. Additionally, Scott assists in managing select client engagements, and continually works to improve the Professional Services delivery methodologies for NET(net).  To learn more about this Subject Matter Expert - click the learn more link below.

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