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Microsoft SAM Reviews: Incompetence or Deliberate Business Strategy?

At NET(net) we have long been advising our clients that they should expect and plan for regular and frequent software license compliance audits from their major suppliers - especially Microsoft. However, there is a new beast unto itself and it goes by the name of 'SAM', short for Microsoft's 'Software Asset Management' partner ecosystem. Read our new blog post to learn the truth about SAM reviews - and how you can protect your organization:

Do you know the top 7 ways you are overpaying Microsoft? 
In our experience, almost everyone overpays for Microsoft. Download this instructive white paper that outlines the seven major ways we see clients overpay, and how to combat the policies that force it...
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What does NET(net) do, and how do we do it?  

Check out our shareable infographic to see how NET(net) delivers its world class services and expertise in a way that few others can.  Let us know what you think!

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Raj Rawal
Former Chief Information Officer, Burger King

“With NET(net)’s assistance, analysis and guidance we were able to identify and evaluate an approach to our licensing needs with one of our major software suppliers that neither our supplier nor their reseller had offered. This approach allows us to deliver exactly the same set of technology, but at a 37% lower cost. At Burger King Corp., we have instilled a culture of continuous improvement that includes ways to execute on our plans more efficiently and cost effectively. Working with NET(net) has enabled us to deliver high quality technology at significantly reduced costs.”
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White Paper: Facing (or might face) an Oracle Audit?
It is an understatement to say that Oracle audits are an industry problem. If you are facing an Oracle audit, or think you could be, our white paper Top 10 Things You Should Do When Facing an Oracle Audit is essential reading. We are offereing this premium and invaluable content to our valued contacts as a complimentary service.
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Spotlight on the SME!
Michael Welsh, Executive Vice President of Value Delivery, is an all-star of the NET(net) team. Mr. Welsh has been with the company since 2007 and currently leads NET(net)’s global services team with innovation and solutions for clients. He has led the team in delivering incremental value of over $150 billionServing clients is a passion of Mr.Welsh, who has over 23 years of client service experience, including providing innovative IT and business solutions while at firms like Accenture and Diamond Technology Partners. If you'd like to learn more about this Subject Matter Expert, follow the link below. 
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