Business Development Case Study

Business Development Case Study:

Luiz Ferlauto

Starting the process to work with NET(net) doing Business Development work can be as simple as an introduction.  In the case of Luiz Ferlauto, that was all it took.

A few years ago, NET(net)'s SVP of Client Services in Sao Paulo was speaking with a former colleague and discussing potential Finance and Banking clients in the region.  The colleague was an Executive in Commercial Management, and simply suggested the name of a friend he could introduce NET(net) to, who had the experience and possible connections to assist in making new business relationships.

Within a matter of a few days, NET(net) was introduced to Luiz Ferlauto.  Luiz having spend many years working with banks and financial institutions, seemed to be a great fit on paper.  After some brief discussions, it became clear that NET(net)'s goals of networking and meeting Finance and Banking executives was in complete alignment with Luiz's desire to leverage and bring value to his executive network

Luiz registered in our Business Development program, and we have been working together ever since.  A success of this arrangement came with a newly signed client for NET(net) - introduced by Luiz.  In introducing NET(net) to the right executives at one of the largest banks in Latin America, a new relationship was formed which has since led to the execution of a long term partnership between that bank and NET(net).  From this relationship, Luiz will reap benefits for several years - simply by making an introduction.  

BDA Process summary:

  • Network introduction to Luiz Ferlauto as potential Business Development Partner
  • Short conversations and goal alignment with candidate
  • Registered for Business Development via WIN(win) executing click through agreement
  • Luiz introduced NET(net) into the largest banks in South America
  • Bank executed agreement with NET(net)
  • NET(net) delivered millions in savings on first supplier alone
  • Referral payments to Business Development Resource!

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